Ana Paula Saenz Flaunts Her Perky Buns In A Colorful Thong Swimsuit

Ana Paula Saenz wears white tank top and takes a photo inside the car.
Instagram | Ana Paula Saenz
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Ana Paula Saenz surprised her online supporters with two stunning snapshots of her fantastic physique on Monday, February 22. The Mexican model rocked a colorful one-piece swimsuit that was tight and revealing. From the background of the shots, she was in the middle of the sea aboard a yacht.

According to the geotag, the babe was cruising off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The blue sea stretched out to the horizon where it met the sky that had a lighter blue shade.

Killer Body

Ana Paula Saenz wears a plunging crop top and black leggings.
Instagram | Ana Paula Saenz

The social media star rocked a striped monokini. The front of the swimsuit wasn't visible in the pics due to her stance. However, it was seen in the previous upload. The garment boasted a pattern of alternating white vertical stripes and bold colors that included yellow, green, red, and pink.

The swimwear was sleeveless, and the style helped accentuate her shoulders and toned arms. The fabric had a snug fit that hugged her curvaceous figure like a glove. The scooped back displayed plenty of skin, and the thong flaunted her round posterior.

Ocean Child

Ana Paula Saenz wears an outrageously tiny bikini on a yacht.
Instagram | Ana Paula Saenz

Ana rode a powered vehicle in the middle of the ocean. She was surrounded by picturesque views. In the racy pics and posed with her toned backside to the camera, drawing most of the attention on her pert derrière. Her stance made many viewers happy, judging by their notes in the comments section.

She was photographed at the side deck. In the first photo, Ana was about to tug on the area of her swimwear around her hips. She gazed off into the ocean, absorbing its magnificent beauty. 

Curvy Backside

Ana Paula Saenz rocks a thong bikini and poses with her backside facing the camera.
Instagram | Ana Paula Saenz

In the second pic, Ana held onto the railing while she looked at the views in front of her. She had a longing look on her face with her eyelids lowered and lips pressed together. The strong sea breeze blew her lustrous dark locks back away from her face. The bright sunlight enveloped her body, and it made her skin appear radiant and flawless in the pictures.

The influencer opted for sleek, straight strands to style her brunette hair. The long tresses fell on her back, with the ends almost reaching her waist.

Hot Mama

Ana Paula Saenz wears a colorful swimsuit.
Instagram | Ana Paula Saenz

Ana wore minimal accessories to complete her look. She sported a dainty gold necklace and a bangle from luxury brands. Her nails were manicured and painted in a french tip style.

In the caption, Ana asked her followers which of the two images they liked best. She also added a peach and a monkey emoji at the end of the note.

In just seven hours, the recent social media share gained more than 56,400 likes and over 690 comments. Online admirers flocked to the comments section and wrote numerous messages about her fit body.