Niece Waidhofer Flaunts Her Enhanced Booty And Bust In Semi-Sheer Lingerie

Niece Waidhofer poses in front of a mirror
Instagram | Niece Waidhofer
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Niece Waidhofer wrapped her bombshell body in delicate lace for a tantalizing multi-angled mirror photo that had her 3.4 million Instagram followers singing her praises on Sunday evening. However, it wasn't just her alluring appearance that sparked a discussion in the comments section of her post. The Texas-based model used rhyme to acknowledge the cosmetic procedures that she has used to obtain her killer curves, and many of her fans reassured her that they don't mind her artificial enhancements at all.   

See It From The Front And The Back

Niece Waidhofer wearing a gray sweater and white fur hat
Instagram | Niece Waidofer

Keep scrolling to see Niece putting it all on display in her racy lingerie. 

She is a pro at showing off her best angles, and she cleverly used a mirror to capture them all in her latest share. She stood in front of the reflective surface with the camera positioned behind her. This placed her voluptuous derriere in the foreground of the photo, while also providing a clear view of the front of her phenomenal figure in the mirror. She posed inside a room with an all-white interior, which made her black intimate apparel stand out.

Semi-Sheer And Strappy

Niece Waidhofer wearing a pink wig and cat ears
Instagram | Niece Waidhofer

Neice's lingerie set included a bustier. It was partially constructed out of rigid pieces of material, similar to the boning of a corset. Between these bands, there were panels of fine sheer mesh and delicate floral lace. The top of the garment was designed like a balconette bra with underwire and low cups that put her creamy cleavage on full display. Straps met in the middle of the bust, and they curved around the top of her chest before forming part of her shoulder straps.    

Niece Spoofs A Rap Song

Niece Waidhofer and her white Pomeranian
Instagram | Niece Waidhofer

Niece's bustier had attached garter bands, which were clipped to a pair of thigh-high stockings. She finished her look with a pair of tiny lace panties with strappy details. 

The lingerie set did an excellent job of displaying her every curve. She mentioned the origins of her assets by rewriting the lyrics to the Lil Wayne song "Mirror." 

"I see implants beneath the skin
I see that *ss they injected in
I see the scars that remain
I see you waist, Im lookin at the—

Bruno Mars: Mirror on the wall, here’s this hoe again."

Niece's Fans Shower Her With Love

Niece Waidhofer Wears silver bra and panties
Instagram | Niece Waidhofer

Niece has always been upfront about the work that she's had done, and she even jokes about it. In another recent Instagram post, she quipped that horizontal lines can still make a gal look slimmer if she's "had approximately $40,000 of surgical body contouring done."

The model's followers responded to her latest post by letting her know that they think she's amazing just the way she is.

"Implants or no, you’re gorgeous," wrote one fan.

If you can touch it, then it's real. I see perfection and a fellow Texan," another message read.

"So? If you've had surgery to make you feel happier that's your business," a third admirer added. "It doesn't invalidate you or make you fake."