Whitney Cummings Shows Off Booty After Splitting Pants During Standup Routine

Whitney Cummings wearing a blue shirt
Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer

Whitney Cummings gave her fans an additional reason to laugh during a standup routine in Los Angeles on Saturday Night. The comedian was left a bit exposed when her pants ripped during the comedy show, but she turned lemons into peachy lemonade by turning around and showing her live audience the aftermath of her major wardrobe malfunction. She further embraced the embarrassing mishap by sharing photos and videos of it on Instagram, where her followers applauded her booty's appearance. They also made plenty of cracks about it.

Whitney Brings Standup Back To Los Angeles

Whitney Cummings claps hands
Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Keep scrolling to see a photo and video of Whitney's big trouser tear. The Good For You podcast host revealed that she was performing at a rare live comedy event when she pulled a Spongebob. Some members of her audience certainly gave her more than a passing glance when she ripped her pants, based on the way they clapped and cheered. 

According to her geotag, Whitney was performing during one of Jam in the Van's Speakeasy Sessions in Los Angeles. The events are held outdoors at various locations, and attendees aren't told the addresses of the shows until after they purchase tickets.

Whitney Bundles Up Before Flashing A Bun

Whitney Cummings wearing a brown sweater and burgundy jeans with a rip on the back
Instagram | Whitney Cummings

It was seemingly pretty cold outside, because Whitney was covered up from head to toe. While she was on stage, she wore a red beanie, a thick black-and-white patterned pullover, and a pair of tight burgundy jeans with flared legs. She took a selfie after the event that revealed a closer look at the rip on the right side of the seat. The opening extended from the top of the back pocket all the way down to her thigh, so it bared a significant amount of her derriere. Her pic included a peek at the gray thong that she had on as well.

Whitney Gets An Assist After Showing Off Her Asset

Whitney Cummings wears red horse shirt and blue jeans
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In a video posted on Whitney's Instagram stories, someone from the audience could be seen tossing a jacket onto the stage in front of the performer. The thoughtful comedy fan presumably intended for her to tie it around her waist to cover up the rip, and she thanked the person after picking it up.

Luckily for Whitney, she's pretty comfortable with baring her body. During a holiday-themed photoshoot in an elegant gown, she lifted up the back of her dress to show off her thong.

Whitney Becomes The Butt Of Her Followers' Jokes

Whitney Cummings wearing a black minidress onstage
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Many of Whitney's Instagram followers complimented her backside, with one of them suggesting that her "bum shock treatments" were paying off. YouTuber Amanda Cerny was one fan of her fanny. 

"That booty tho," she wrote in the comments section, punctuating her message with four fire emoji and a heart-eye emoji. 

Others couldn't resist joking about Whitney's wardrobe woes. 

"Way to break a leg (seam)!" quipped one fan.

"That has to be against COVID guidelines," another message read.

"Just happy to see standup back in LA, even if Whitney wants to show us so much more," yet another admirer added.