Julianne Hough Rocks A Yellow Swimsuit While Almost Falling Off A Cliff

Julianne Hough
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Treva Bowdoin

Julianne Hough was in the midst of creating some breathtaking content that would have simply awed her online audience when she suffered a slip that turned her magical vacation moment into a teachable one. The former "Dancing with the Stars" pro and judge posted footage of her almost-disastrous leap from a cliff to her Instagram page on Saturday. In her caption, she included an explanation for how she avoided seriously injuring herself by quickly recovering from her dive's scary start. Keep scrolling to check it out.

Stunning Surroundings

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

The KINRGY founder used a geotag to reveal that her footage was filmed somewhere off the Hana Highway, aka the "Road to Hana." The scenic route is located in Maui, Hawaii, and it's famed for its twists, turns, and picturesque waterfalls, as per The Washington Post. Instead of simply enjoying the view while visiting one of the falls, adventurous Julianne decided to hike up to the fast-moving water's edge. 

The rock cliff she stood on was dark and slippery. Below her, there was a large pool of turquoise water. She was surrounded by verdant tropical foliage. A light rain was falling, making her stone diving board even wetter. 

Standout Style

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

Julianne came prepared to go for a swim and look great while doing it. She wore a yellow swimsuit that stood out in her green surroundings while also seeming right at home in the natural island setting, thanks to its sunny color. It had spaghetti straps, a low back, and high-cut sides that showcased the results of all the yoga fan's had work on her lower body, including her pert buns of steel.

She rocked an Instagram-ready hairstyle by wearing her blond tresses in French-braided pigtails. 

Incredible Form After A Rocky Start

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Julianne shared two videos filmed from different perspectives. In the first, she carefully made her way to the high cliff where the waterfall cascaded down to the deep pool below. She used a tree to brace herself before straightening up and turning to look at someone behind her. A male voice could be heard asking her if she was ready, and she smiled brightly as she confirmed that she was. 

Julianne raised her arms up in the air and leapt. As she propelled herself forward, her feet slid back on the rocks. However, she still managed to get far enough away from the rockface that she was not in danger of hitting it on her way down. She also showed off incredible form while executing a swan dive, save for her feet falling forward at the end of her descent.  

A Teachable Moment

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Julianne explained how she avoided disaster by keeping her cool after she slipped. She revealed that she stayed "committed" to what she was doing instead of panicking and changing course.

"I could have freaked out and ended up hurting myself, but instead I stayed connected and focused and I trusted my body, not my head!" Julianne wrote. 

She used her experience to give her followers a helpful life lesson about the importance of sticking to their guns when things go wrong. 

"I say this because in life, we WILL slip up, make mistakes, or maybe outside circumstances will put you in slippery situations," she continued. "Commit and trust, even while you are going down baby."