February 21, 2021
Natalia Garibotto Smolders In A Scandalous One-Piece: ‘Woke Up In Colorado’
Natalia Garibotto wears a pink bikini in a mirror selfie.
Instagram | Natalia Garibotto
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Brazilian bombshell Natalia Garibotto titillated  her 2.9 million Instagram followers with her brand new update. She uploaded a smoking-hot snapshot in which she showed off her buxom body and enviable assets.

The model showcased her hourglass figure and flawless skin in her latest social media share. She looked nothing short of gorgeous as she struck several sexy poses in her skimpy one-piece while soaking up some sun indoors. Her outfit was too revealing and too scandalous. Check out her racy look below.

Too Hot For The Camera
Natalia Garibotto wears a red bikini at the beach and poses with her toned backside directed to the camera.
Instagram | Natalia Garibotto

The 28-year-old flaunted her insane physique in a tantalizing outfit. She didn’t specify the brand and type of clothing. However, she appeared to be wearing a one-piece that looked like a swimsuit. The scanty piece had an old rose color that looked fabulous on her lightly tanned skin.

The garment was strapless, and the neckline dipped so low on her chest, exposing an ample amount of her perky cleavage. It also had a super tight fit on her bust that pushed them inward, causing her to almost spill out of the swimwear.

Showing Too Much Skin
Natalia Garibotto wears a yellow bikini and kneels poolside for a picture.
Instagram | Natalia Garibotto

The suit left plenty of skin exposed. The cuts on the sides reached her midriff, and it displayed a glimpse of her toned midsection and curvy hips. The monokini had a thin string that was tied around her tummy as a decoration and added support. The V-shaped fabric only covered the necessary bits, and the backside featured a thong design.

In the first picture, Natalia could be seen inside a hotel room. The lights were off, leaving the window as the only source of lighting. The babe sat on the side of the bed as she let her hands rest on the mattress. She gazed into the lens with her squinted eyes and slightly parted lips.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!
Natalia Garibotto wears black lingerie and a police hat.
Instagram | Natalia Garibotto

In the second image, Natalia was snapped from another angle. She was still on the bed in a similar stance. This time, she looked down with a serious expression. The bright sunlight poured over her body, and it made her skin glow.

Natalia wore her blond hair down, parted to the side, and styled straight. Her golden locks appeared shiny in the pics.

She sported two accessories, one of which was her nameplate necklace and another simple chain necklace. She had her nails painted in red polish for the occasion.

Over A 100,000 Likes
Natalia Garibotto wears a Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt and thong bikini.
Instagram | Natalia Garibotto

In the caption, Natalia revealed that she was in Colorado. She also asked her followers about their day’s agendas.

The chilly state was very different from her sunny Miami. It made sense that she was sunbathing in the revealing outfit indoors.

Since being published on the social media site, the new addition to her feed earned more than 100,000 likes. Over 870 comments were also received. Supporters from different parts of the globe raved over her daring display. Many of them wrote gushing messages, while some others used emoji to get their point across.