Holly Sonders Rocks A Too-Small Bikini Top And Purple Thigh-High Socks While Stretched Out In Bed

Holly Sonders wearing a pink sleeveless shirt on a golf course
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Holly Sonders wore a bikini in a bed for her her latest photoshoot, and she shared the tantalizing results with her 551,000 Instagram followers on February 20. The former Fox Sports host and Maxim model revealed that she was adjusting to weekends without football on the boob tube, and she flashed a generous amount of her busty chest while looking for something else to watch on her relaxing Saturday in. She asked her online audience what they were currently watching, but many of them seemed to have their eyes glued on her.

Pretty In Purple

Holly Sonders wearing a Tampa Bay Rays jersey and blue jeans on a baseball field
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Keep scrolling to see the swimsuit that served as Holly's sexy loungewear. 

The former Golf Channel personality put her statuesque physique on display in a two-piece that was a bright shade of purple. The color looked striking against her smooth bronze skin. The sides of her bottoms were formed from thin bands that were stretched up high on her hips, while the front fell down much lower. Her matching top featured fixed triangle cups and string ties around the back and neck for an adjustable fit.

Holly Lets It Hang Out

Holly Sonders wearing tight gray leggings and Van Halen crop top
Instagram | Holly Sonders

Holly's top appeared to be a few sizes too small, and the fitness model had seemingly tied its upper strings tight behind her neck. This caused it to ride up high, baring a generous amount of her pneumatic cleavage. Her bust stuck out so far that her top's straps did not lie flush against her skin at all. 

Holly's bathing suit also showed off her chiseled abs of steel and the silver bellybutton ring that drew the eye to her flat navel. Check out her taut tummy below.

Legs For Days

Holly Sonders wearing a pink shirt dress on a golf course
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Holly never skips leg day, and it shows. Her shapely stems vied with her chest and abs for her admirers' attention. She gave her look a sporty and saucy touch with the addition of a pair of thigh-high stockings. They were almost the same violet shade as her bathing suit. The garments featured white stripes around the tops, making them look like a pair of oversize athletic socks.

She wore her brunette hair pulled up, providing an unobstructed look at the large silver hoops that she wore in her ears. She leaned against the padded headboard of a bed with her toned legs stretched out in front of her, and she pointed a remote at the TV.

Holly Answers A Question About 'Playboy'

Holly Sonders wearing a blue bikini
Instagram | Holly Sonders

In the comments section of Holly's post, one of her followers asked her about the possibility of a future Playboy pictorial. She responded by suggesting that she treats her fans to enough sexy content already.

"I do far more than playboy every single day on my own. You know where to find it," Holly wrote. 

Another fan let the model know that they want to see more of her in a different way. 

"Golf.. wish you were still doing the interviews," the Instagrammer in response to her query about what her followers were watching.