Camila Oliveira Reveals Sideboob In 'Romantic' White Bustier

Camila Oliveira flaunts her curves in a bikini.
Instagram / Camila Oliveira
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Camila Oliveira teased her Instagram followers with a sexy new photo of herself. The UFC octagon girl looked glamorous in the picture, and her fans appreciated the look. She credited photographer Michelle Nevius for taking the sensual snap.

Instagram users expressed their appreciation for Camila's latest share. At least 4600 of them hit the like button to share the love. Dozens also took the time to compose a message, praising the model's sensual attire and pose, with several using the flame emoji.

Fans Share The Love For Camila

Camila Oliveira shows off her pert backside.
Instagram / Camila Oliveira

"Wow! You look stunning! I'm excited to see more of this shot," enthused a fan, who included hearts and red heart-eye smilies.

"You are smoking hot! Your face is stunning. A true goddess on earth. We're not worthy," a second follower declared, adding a winking smiley and a flame. 

"OMG, those looks! You are so beautiful, Camila. You're so sexy and perfect," wrote a third devotee, adding red lips, a heart, and flames.

"Really special jewels for special women. You look so sensual," a fourth Instagram user declared.

Camila Sizzles In Sheer White

Camila Oliveira wears a white robe for a selfie.
Instagram / Camila Oliveira

For the photo, Camila rested her crimson manicured fingernails against a light-colored wall. She stared back at the camera over one bare shoulder, revealing her crimson-painted full lips, which she slightly parted. A mirror with three lights above it was visible in the background. The angle of the photograph was from below, looking up at her.

The model wore her long brunette locks piled atop her head in an intricate bun. Short tendrils fell around her flawless face.

Camila Sizzled In A Bustier And Pearl Choker

Camis Oliveira shows off in a pink sports bra.
Instagram / Camila Oliveira

Camila wore a sexy white bustier for the picture. The back was sheer, and a bit of an intricate tattoo showed under the see-through fabric. The garment left her toned upper back bare, showcasing her fit physique. 

The front featured lace cups with an underwire, and a hint of her ample cleavage and sideboob was visible in the pose. The model's tattoos on both arms were fully evident. Camila sported a sexy three-strand pearl choker that had a gold clasp at the back of her neck for accessories. 

Camila Regularly Provides Fans A Look Into Her Life

Camila Oliveira takes a selfie in her UFC uniform.
Instagram / Camila Oliveira

Camila is a UFC octagon girl, and she is not shy about sharing looks into her work behind-the-scenes and during fight events. Many of her posts and stories feature her wearing her uniform and preparing for upcoming events. She typically shares a few photos during the fights. 

She also regularly models lingerie, bikinis, workout clothes, and other sexy outfits, which she uses to update her social media. The frequency of her posts keeps her followers on the popular social media platform interested and engaged with her enjoyable content.