Spoilers For Friday's 'General Hospital': It's Valentine's Day In Port Charles, But It's Not All About The Romance

Stacy Carey

"General Hospital" spoilers for Friday's episode detail that people throughout Port Charles will be celebrating Valentine's Day. The city has been filled with plenty of heartbreak and drama in recent days, but for most people, this will be a moment to embrace romance and happiness.

The "General Hospital" preview shared via Twitter reveals some tidbits regarding what's ahead. It appears that Franco and Elizabeth will be ready for a fun evening out. This comes after plenty of worries over his escalating medical crisis.

Cameron Faces A Scare

Will Elizabeth and Franco be able to simply enjoy a fancy dinner out as a couple? "General Hospital" spoilers hint that they may end up interrupted at some point.

The "General Hospital" sneak peek reveals that Cameron will be at home, and something will rattle him. He'll approach the front door asking who's there, his guitar raised up to use as a weapon if needed.

Is Cameron really going to be in danger here? He's certainly become used to trouble popping up for him, so it's understandable why he'd feel anxious.


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Nikolas And Ava Celebrate Valentine's Day

It's certainly possible that it's just Trina or Josslyn paying Cameron a visit. Whoever is at the door seemingly won't end up being a significant threat, although some "General Hospital" spoilers have hinted that Cam may face more trouble soon.

"General Hospital" teasers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Nikolas and Ava will embrace Valentine's Day, their first as a true romantic pair.  Will this unconventional couple approach the typically romantic day with an atypical plan? 

TJ And Molly Embrace A Big Opportunity

"General Hospital" spoilers also detail that Molly and TJ will have big plans for the day. They have also been through more than their fair share of challenges over the past year. Now, however, they are focused on moving forward as a couple.

TJ will tell somebody that it's a big night for "us." In addition, Molly will walk into the apartment with Kristina behind her. She'll hold a bouquet of flowers in one hand and tell her sister that "it's finally happening."

Willow Has Plans For Chase

It seems that there are significant developments on the way for the complicated quadrangle of Willow, Chase, Michael, and Sasha too. They're all technically free to reunite with their former loves. However, fans have a hunch it won't be quite that simple.

Willow will apparently make some romantic plans that involve Chase. She'll dress up and tell a curious Chase that he's going to love what she has in mind.

On the other hand, Michael will share some thoughts with Sasha that may be less romantic. He'll mention that once something's given up, it can't always be taken back. 

"General Hospital" spoilers hint that this Valentine's Day episode will be worth the wait.