February 19, 2021
Daisey O’Donnell Sunbathes In A Sexy String Bikini That Leaves Little To The Imagination
Daisey O'Donnell wears a crop top, jeans, and blazer in a mirror selfie.
Instagram | Daisey O'Donnell
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Daisey O’Donnell made her followers happy with a brand-new bikini snapshot, which she uploaded to her Instagram page on February 18. The social media star spent some time outdoors, soaking up some sun in a skimpy two-piece swimsuit that showcased her fantastic figure.

The English model and entrepreneur is famous for showing off her fabulous physique in barely there outfits, such as bathing suits and lingerie. She and her sister Ellie took the world by storm with their beauty and taste in fashion.

She Started Her Career As A Singer
Ellie O'Donnell wears a pink tracksuit while Daisey O'Donnell wears a black-and-white set.
Instagram | Daisey O'Donnell

Daisey was born in England and grew up in a town called Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. She has an older sister named Ellie and younger siblings named Vinny and Frankie. She is of English, Swedish, and Irish descent.

She kicked off her career by joining The X Factor in 2014. She also entered the teen music competition TeenStar, where she became a finalist.

While singing was her passion, she was also into pageantry and competed for Miss England in 2015. According to the Daily Mail, she went up against her sister, Ellie. However, there was no sibling rivalry involved.

The High Life Of An Influencer
Daisey O'Donnell sits on a couch while being surrounded by Louis Vuitton merchandise.
Instagram | Daisey O'Donnell

Joining various competitions throughout the years also granted her a huge following on social media. She quit singing in public and focused on her career as an influencer and her looks and style captured the attention of her fans.

Daisey modeled for a lot of famous brands, namely Fashion Nova, Oh Polly, PrettyLittleThing, and more. With all the promotions and her hard-earned money, she has been splurging on luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, and Dior. The hottie usually flaunts the items she bought on her page.

She Calls Dubai Her Home
Daisey O'Donnell wears an orange dress and poses the camera.
Instagram | Daisey O'Donnell

While England is where she was born, Daisey has been living in the United Arab Emirates since last year. She and her sister have been living their lives in the city of Dubai, exploring the beaches and resorts during the day and partying at night.

In December, the girls went home to be with their family and spent Christmas together. They returned to Dubai in January to enjoy the warm weather again. Daisey also spends a lot of time with her friends and boyfriend.

How She Maintains Her Tan
Daisey O'Donnell lounges on a sunbed in a sexy black bikini.
Instagram | Daisey O'Donnell

Daisey was photographed lounging on a cushioned sunbed under the blazing sun. The babe held a book over her face for the picture. Her flawlessly bronze tan glowed under the sunshine.

Daisey wore a skimpy bikini set that treated her online audience to a full look at her banging body. The swimwear set included a top with triangle cups and thin straps. The fit was perfect and covered the necessary bits. She rocked a pair of bottoms that featured a high-cut design, exposing plenty of skin around her groin area.