February 19, 2021
Lauren Alexis Flaunts Cuves In Marabou Fur-Trimmed Lingerie: 'Fortnite or Warzone?'
Instagram model Lauren Alexis poses for a selfie.
Instagram / Lauren Alexis
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Lauren Alexis treated her 1.3 million Instagram followers to a sexy treat. She kept the Valentine's Day mood going with a pink marabou fur-trimmed bra-and-panties set, which her fans appeared to appreciate. 

The model regularly updates her social media with tantalizing pictures of herself in skimpy shorts, lingerie, and various outfits, which keeps her fans engaged with her content and coming back for more. 

At least 112,000 Instagram users expressed their appreciation for the bedroom look, and 1,500 took a moment to drop a positive comment. 

Fans Praise Lauren
Lauren Alexis models her Valentine's Day lingerie haul.
YouTube / Lauren Alexis

"This has me absolutely FLOORED. I love the hair too. So cute," gushed one follower, who included a heart, red heart-eye, and skull emoji.

"Fortnite, but I choose you. You're smoking hot in this, Lauren," a second fan enthused along with a bomb and flames.

"Lauren, you are the most beautiful and sexy of all. This outfit is pure fire. So gorgeous. You look like a naughty angel," replied a third Instagram user, who liberally used hearts and flames to complete the thought.  

Lauren Posed On Her Bed
Lauren Alexis shows off her Valentine's Day lingerie haul.
YouTube / Lauren Alexis

Lauren snapped the sexy shot of herself while posing atop a bed made with satin peach linens.  On one side was a gray velvet tufted headboard. In front of it sat several luxurious-looking pillows in gray and peach. On her other side was a fuzzy blanket, which was folded in a neat square.

The light-colored wall behind her had a window with dark gray vertical blinds, which were closed. A vanity with a makeup mirror sitting on it was visible in the corner. 

Lauren's Lingerie Showcases Her Curves
Lauren Alexis poses for a selfie in matching lingerie.
Instagram / Lauren Alexis

Of course, Lauren stole the show as the focus of the photo. She wore a cotton candy pink bra with an underwire and marabou fur trim across the neckline.  The undergarment featured two matching thin straps that went over each shoulder. The model's ample cleavage rounded over the top of the soft material. 

She paired the sexy bra with matching panties. The fluffy fur appeared at the waistband, wrapping over each voluptuous hip. The pose highlighted her slender waist and flat tummy. 


Lauren's Pose Was Picture Perfect
Lauren Alexis showed off her pink fingernails.
YouTube / Lauren Alexis

Lauren was photographed sitting with her legs crossed. Her long, straight brunette hair flowed over her shoulder and down her back, reaching past her waist. She had it pulled up in two half ponytails on either side of her head, and a shorter fringe framed her face, resting atop her breasts.

Her long fingernails matched the lingerie, and she had a hair tie around one wrist. A sparkly belly button ring winked from her flat navel. Lauren held her phone, snapping the shot with her rear camera for an old-school selfie.