Katya Elise Henry Flaunts Her Bombshell Curves In Pink Bikini Bottoms & Teases 'Huge Plans'

Katya Elise Henry snaps a selfie
Katya Elise Henry | Instagram
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Fitness model Katya Elise Henry shared a stunning pair of snapshots via her Instagram page on Wednesday. She posed in a bathroom and shared a sassy caption in her post that sent her 8 million followers into a frenzy.

Katya wore her long brunette tresses styled with a center part. She left her locks loose, and the casual waves tumbled down her back and over one shoulder. She cast her eyes down in the first snap while holding her arms over her head.

Katya Had Huge Plans For The Day

Katya Elise Henry gives fish lips during a sexy snap
Katya Elise Henry | Instagram

The caption for Katya's recent post suggested that she had "huge" plans for the day. Ultimately, she revealed that those plans were simply to be hot. 

It's not uncommon for Katya to share sexy snapshots that feature her flat tummy, curvy hips, or bountiful booty. A recent post highlighted those attributes while she posed on her bed and teased that she was blessed.

This time, the 26-year-old beauty chose a pair of bikini bottoms and a workout top from her own line to showcase her hourglass physique. 

The Model Wasn't Shy About Highlighting Her Curvy Derriere

Katya Elise Henry flaunts her booty
Katya Elise Henry | Instagram

One of the photos in Katya's post showed her turned around to ensure the camera captured her curvy backside. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly to let her dark curls hover just inches above her exposed derriere.

Katya arched her back slightly and stood at an angle to show off her "Blessed" tattoo. Her extreme hourglass curves were impossible to miss as the cropped jacket hugged her torso.

The top from her line of workout gear had long sleeves and a zipper down the front that perfectly contrasted her revealing bikini bottoms.

Katya's Pink Thong Bikini Bottoms Clung To Her Figure

Katya Elise Henry shows off her killer physique
Katya Elise Henry | Instagram

The bottom hem of the cropped jacket rested just below Katya's chest. She left the zipper low and its position allowed her to show plenty of deep cleavage.

The flattering bikini bottoms were from Katya's swimwear line. The "Apple" thong bottoms in the blush color are said to be a personal favorite of hers. This pair of snapshots showed just why that is.

Katya wore the waistband of the bikini high on her hips. The garment dipped low in front, resting far below her navel. 

Katya's Fans Went Wild Over This Look

Katya Elise Henry smiles as she tugs at the strap of her panties
Katya Elise Henry | Instagram

In less than 24 hours, Katya's set of sexy snapshots received more than 207,000 likes from her millions of admirers. In addition, more than 1,000 people commented.

"You look divine," one fan noted.

"Omg such a babe," another declared.

"Love that delicious b00ty," a third user raved.

"Blessing my feed," someone else praised.

Quite a few of Katya's followers utilized appreciative emoji to signal their love for this look. A few peach icons popped up and praising hands or fire emoji were clearly favorites for many of the model's thrilled admirers.