Rare Italy Tornado Caught On Terrifying Video [Video]

A northern Italian tornado struck Friday near Bologna. The event was captured on several amateur videos which reveal the size of the shockingly powerful tornado which injured at least 13 people and damaged hundreds of structures and vehicles in several small towns and villages.

The huge spout of the terrifying twister can be seen over Bentivoglio and Altedo in the below video.

Northern Italian authorities have asked the national government to declare a state of emergency, stating that the damage is as severe as a 2012 earthquake that impacted the region. The final cost isn’t totaled yet, but a rough guess is that the tornado caused millions of dollars in damages.

While so-called tornado alley runs through the midwestern United States — in a wide band running through Texas in the south and upward through Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and as far north as Minnesota — the United States National Severe Storms Laboratory has often pointed out that it’s possible for tornadoes to occur anywhere.

Tornadoes as powerful as F5 have struck in Europe before, including Italy.

A September 1970 Italian tornado outbreak started in Padua and ended in Venice, leaving a trail of death in its track through the highly populated region. Thirty-six people died.

A more recent event was the triple tornadoes that struck near Venice, Padua, and Vicenza in July 2010, which resulted in the death of a Verona man. Several other tornadoes hit Italy in 2012, including a November 28 event that resulted in 22 injuries.

Friday’s tornado included thunderstorms and hail in the provinces of Bologna and Modena. At least one hundred homes were damaged. The combination of hail and tornado led to traffic jams and long delays on a major highway in both directions.

The UK’s Telegraph has compiled several amateur videos of the huge Italian tornado to capture the chilling event:

[tornado photo by Todd Shoemake via Shutterstock]