Diana Maux Flaunts Chiseled Abs & Muscular Thighs In Crop Top And Skintight Leggings With Mesh Inserts

Tracey Johnson

Diana Maux is fast becoming one of the most popular Instagram stars because she consistently posts hot content. In this particular snap, her chiseled midriff and thick thighs took center stage as she worked the camera while modeling her athleisure wear. On Tuesday, February 16, she shared a stunning photograph and some inspirational words with her fans.

The fitness coach, who Lele Pons credits for helping her to sculpt her body, has been delivering a fair few sexy updates on her social media feed lately. She took a low-key approach in this image and teased her fans by only baring her midsection.

Her 616,000 followers were treated to a new Instagram update where she posed outside. Diana stood in a garden with a palm tree and a colorful shrub behind her. The natural setting provided a tranquil background for the snap.

Diana stood in a three-quarter pose. Her lower half was in profile, but she turned her upper body toward the camera. She touched her hair and smiled brightly, showing off her pearly whites. However, something off-camera seemed to grabbed her attention, as her gaze was averted from the lens.

The model rocked a crop top with a difference. The long-sleeved track top was brown, black, and dark orange with a zipper down the front. It also had a cute hoodie that she wore over her tresses.

The influencer's stomach muscles were bronzed and contrasted sharply with the white leggings she wore. The skintight pants were high-waisted and had mesh inserts in the front and back. She showcased her muscular thighs and pert booty.

In her caption, Diana encouraged her fans to work on their daily self-care habits. The offering seemed to resonate with her admirers, who immediately showed their appreciation. The upload has already racked up more than 4,000 likes and a slew of comments.

One fan loved everything about her.

"You're the cutest human being ever. Love your smile, your eyes, your hair, and that outfit is to die for. Thanks for being a positive role model," they raved.

"You're killing it, Diana. You're setting the world on fire with that smile. Keep on getting it," urged a second admirer.

A third follower echoed her sentiment.

"It's those little habits that make you who you are. Work on yourself one step at a time," they shared.

A fourth follower waxed lyrical about her derrière.

"Baby, your booty is so fine! I love your shape, it's magnificent," they gushed.