Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nina Visits Nelle's Grave

Stacy Carey

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday's episode indicate that Nina will head to Nelle's gravesite for the first time since learning that they were related. She is having a hard time moving through all of the "what-ifs" of this complicated situation and now she'll do what she can to connect with Nelle.

During the episode of General Hospital that aired on Monday, Phyllis visited Nina at the Crimson offices. She was able to recognize Frank as the man she met at the rest stop when she handed Nina's baby over as an infant. Nina overheard Carly and Jax talking about the night that Nelle died, and it seems this will all compel her to head to the cemetery.

Nina paid for Nelle's burial, but not because she knew they were mother-and-daughter. She did it out of a sense of sympathy and feeling that somebody should do it, but now she'll head there with a different mindset. Now, she'll visit as Nelle's biological mother and it seems she'll have a lot to say.

The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter revealed a bit of what's ahead on this front. Nina will angrily note that it wasn't fate that took Nelle from her. After overhearing Carly and Jax's conversation, she'll believe that she lost her daughter in a far more sinister manner than a simple accident.

The sneak peek for the week teased that Nina would soon meet up with Valentin. She'll specifically mention wanting to exact revenge on Carly and it seems she'll expect Valentin can be a useful resource with this. Chances are, he'll be more than happy to oblige.

As the week proceeds, General Hospital teasers note that Nina will find herself feeling even more furious than she already had been. Whatever goes down will push her to reach out to Jordan in hopes that the PCPD police commissioner can be of assistance.

Jordan likely won't be able to do much in this case, as she has no evidence that Carly's actions intentionally caused Nelle's death. General Hospital spoilers detail that Valentin will try to use this difficult situation to his advantage as Nina leans on him. In addition, Maxie will try to lend her support as Carly worries about what may come next.