Ainsley Rodriguez Stretches Her Legs In A Pair Of Insanely Small Booty Shorts

Kathryn Cook

Ainsley Rodriguez looked fit and fabulous in the most recent post that was shared on her Instagram feed. The model added the image on February 15, and her 1.9 million fans have been loving the sight.

Ainsley stood in profile, opting to use a gorgeous beach as her backdrop. A stretch of sand, water, and sky made up most of the scenery behind her, in addition to the trunks of a few palm trees. Ainsley had one foot planted on the ground and the opposite on a white ledge. She appeared to be doing stretches as she looked off into the distance, with a smile on her face. One of her hands grazed the top of her thigh, and she placed the other on her lower back.

Ainsley showed off her gym-honed figure in an all-black outfit which perfectly suited her frame. On her upper half, she rocked a black sports bra with skinny straps over her toned shoulders, leaving a bit of her arms in view. Its scooped neckline teased a peek of cleavage. The bottom band cut off at her ribcage, leaving a portion of her toned abs on display.

She teamed the look with a pair of equally hot shorts. Ainsley pulled them over her hips to accentuate her slender frame. The short hem hit high on her sculpted thighs. She added a pair of black sneakers with white soles from Vivobarefoot to complete her look.

Fans have not been shy about showing their love for the update. Within minutes, the image has amassed more than 16,000 likes and 200-plus comments. Many users complimented Ainsley's fit figure, while a few asked questions about her footwear.

"Beautiful picture. Always so sleek and lovely," one person wrote, adding a series of red hearts to the end of his comment.

"I heard about these shoes, I will definitely check them out! Look good on you," a second fan chimed in.

"Morning beautiful in black have a epic happy day," a third wrote alongside a few flames.

"Beautiful gorgeous sorry gonna be honest, with that beach and your cuteness I never saw your shoes gonna be honest," one more person added.