Miley Tops Maxim Hot 100 List According To Actress

Miley Cyrus tops the Maxim Hot 100 List that was just released. That is of course if the young actress can be believed.

The singer and television star has been all over the news of late, including the cover for Elle Magazine and a rather racy cover on another magazine.

While she was once thought of a wholesome young star on the Disney channel, the daughter of country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus has been carefully cultivating an image as a sex symbol over the last few years.

If the year old, recently blonde beauty can be believed she has reached one of the pinnacles when it comes to being judged as sexy. A tweet that the 20-year old sent out this evening seems to reveals that Miley tops Maxim‘s Hot 100 list.

That list has not been officially unveiled by the magazine yet so we really only have the younger Cyrus’ word to go on. Should she actually be at the top of that list she would be beating out supermodels such as Bar Rafeli.

The Israeili stunner topped the list in 2012 and the former Hannah Montana star ranked a distant 68th on that particular ranking set.

The Can’t Be Tamed singer announced that she is #1 on her twitter page, while simultaneously demonstrating that she just signed up for Instagram.

On her new Instagram account she posted a new picture from a spread she recently did and thanked her fans for getting her to the top of the list.

There is certainly no consensus on who the most beautiful woman in Hollywood is these days. Earlier in the week Gwyneth Paltrow was named People Magazine‘s most beautfiul woman in the world.

FHM also named Mila Kunis their sexiest woman in the world.

Do you think that Miley actually tops Maxim‘s list or is this the case of the young actress and model making a mistake?

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