Niece Waidhofer Goes Topless, Sports Just 'Yes Sir' Cuffs And Choker Necklace

Caitlin Albers

Niece Waidhofer is celebrating Valentine's Day in her own unique style. The dark-haired beauty wowed her 3.3 million Instagram followers on February 14 with a sexy close-up snap of herself with no top on at all.

The model stared into the camera intently as her green-gray eyes sparkled. Her long dark locks cascaded down either side of her face and landed on her voluptuous bust. Niece held some pieces of her hair, which she also used to cover up her chest. She highlighted her cleavage further by pressing on her assets, which took center stage.

Niece wore black leather cuffs which had the words "Yes" and "Sir" on them in rose-gold. The bright letters matched the heart pendant which hung from her choker necklace. The heart locket joined the thick black choker with two rose-gold links.

Behind the model was a little bit of greenery, and she appeared to be posing outside. The close-up shot didn't focus on anything other than Niece's beauty and her full breasts, which she has become known for on social media.

In the caption of the post, Niece asked if anyone wanted anything from Whataburger and also tagged the designer behind her submissive-themed cuffs.

"I like your style, so nice to see u," one user wrote.

"Double bacon cheese burger with extra fries and spicy ketchup," another replied to her caption.

"You look gorgeous as always," a third follower commented.

"Gorgeous can i have you for Valentine's day," a fourth fan asked.

The comments section also filled up with emoji which included the heart-eyed smiley face, flame, and black heart to mirror her page's aesthetic.

The sexy new photo matched one Niece shared earlier in the afternoon, where she wore a BDSM ensemble that also included large cuffs. The look, which had multiple chains and metal hoops on it, was very provocative. The upload brought in over 78,000 likes in just a few hours, making it one of her most popular this month. Niece noted in her caption that she was copying a fellow model she saw on the platform earlier in the day, but had to style her shoot on a budget.