Bruna Rangel Lima Displays Peachy Booty & Gives Reasons To Get Out Of Bed: 'From Paradise'

Shawna Cory

Bruna Rangel Lima gave her 4.4 million Instagram followers a special treat for Valentine's Day on Sunday afternoon. The Brazilian fitness model shared a tantalizing video clip in which she flaunted her spectacular assets while posing on a high-rise balcony overlooking a stunning tropical view. In the caption, she wished her fans a happy holiday. She furthered the sentiment by writing that she hoped they were surrounded by affection and passion all the time, and not just on this particular day.

Bruna also indicated that she was lucky enough to be spending time with her paramour, who appeared to be operating the camera. At the beginning of the video, this person appeared to be lying in bed in a small room with a sleek, modern design. The camera was placed upon the white, rumpled comforter and pointed toward the foot of the bed, giving an intriguing point-of-view angle.

Almost immediately, a floor-to-ceiling shade that made up the entirety of the wall across the narrow room began to slowly rise, revealing a growing slice of sunlight and a pair of bare, shapely legs at the edge of a tiled balcony. At the same time, the camera showed a quick, close-up glimpse of a hand tossing the covers to the side and the quick movement of the videographer standing, then walking toward their tantalizing subject.

Bruna crossed her ankles and stood on tiptoe to take in the gorgeous environment, giving fans a double-dose of tempting beauty. She reached her right arm over her head and swept her long, blond hair away from her face and off her left shoulder while turning to look behind her.

Bruna remained on her toes as she rotated slightly, showing her arched back and rounded derriere from the side. As she continued to turn and face the viewer, she gave a small, seductive smile.