February 14, 2021
Melissa Riso Goes Nude & Cradles A Rose Between Her Thighs In Stunning Valentine's Day Snap

Melissa Riso left very little to the imagination when she spoiled her 1.2 million fans with a nude photo she uploaded to her social media page. The Instagram model decided to bare it all for Valentine's Day, setting her feed alight with a racy photo. She put her decadent curves on display, wearing nothing but a pair of peep-toe stilettos.

The 34-year-old showed off her bikini body by lying on a cream furry rug. The luxurious waffle weave blanket was tossed over a black surface. Rose petals were scattered over the fabric, creating a romantic setting. Melissa then presented herself on the throw, lying with her naked body across its width.

Melissa placed one hand above her head and sucked in her stomach. She thrust out her chest, flaunting her formidable cleavage. Each breast had large petals covering her nipples as she lay sprawled on the blanket.

The influencer concealed her nether regions by lifting one knee and turning her right leg inward. She was then able to cradle a singular rose between her thighs. Melissa highlighted the curve of her hips and her toned legs.

The social media star showcased her ripped abs and flat midsection. Her petite waist emphasized her voluptuous hourglass proportions.

Melissa rocked killer black heels that rounded off her risqué ensemble. The shoes had straps around her ankles, highlighting her pretty feet.

She drew attention to her face with a pair of glittering earrings. The jewelry complemented the long lines of her neck and cheekbones. Her rich brown locks were tousled and messy as she lounged upon the throw.

In the image, Melissa gave off an air of sophisticated seduction. She turned her chin away from the camera and looked at the world through half-hooded eyes. She then slightly parted her deep red lips for the ultimate sultry snap.

Melissa's fans loved the nude pic and rewarded her with high engagement stats. The upload has already garnered more than 23,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One admirer declared their feelings.

"I'm falling in love with you, sweet thing. Will you be my Valentine?" they asked.

Another person was impressed by the photographic skill that went into the image.

"You look gorgeous as always. Kudos to the photographer, this is an amazing nude photo," they raved.

A third follower had some burning questions for the model.

"So, who put the flowers there? Can I get that job please?" they teased.

A fourth user waxed poetic about Melissa's beauty.

"Everything about you is perfect. From your brown hair to the very tips of your toes, you are perfection. You are a divine goddess, Miss Melissa Riso," they gushed.

Melissa recently shared an Instagram workout video where she showed her audience how she likes to keep in shape. She flaunted her fit figure in the clip.