February 14, 2021
Tahla Hall Puts Her Cleavage On Display In New Selfie

On Saturday, February 13, Tahlia Hall took to her Instagram page to tease her 543,000 followers with a flirty new snap. The Australian influencer posted a photo of herself flaunting her perky assets in a sexy bra.

Tahlia appeared to have used her phone's front camera to capture the sizzling hot snap. She held the mobile device in her right hand as she extended her arm away from her face to get the best angle possible. Her other hand rested on her neck.

From what was visible, she posed for a very seductive selfie inside her bedroom. A hint of her bed could be seen in the background. Sunshine entered the room possibly through the nearby window and it illuminated the area and made her lightly tanned skin look radiant. The white walls, a door, and a side table were all visible behind her as well.

The babe looked directly at the lens with her head tilted to the side. Her sultry expression appeared to tantalize her viewers.

In the update, Tahlia rocked a light pink bra that boasted a plunging neckline. The cups were cut so small that they barely contained her voluptuous chest. Notably, they were mostly made of lace fabric and had no lining. As it was see-through, she made sure to cut the lower part of her bust out of the frame.

The brassiere had a snug fit, its tiny double straps clinging to her shoulders and neck for support. However, her breasts appeared to stretch out the piece.

In the picture, Tahlia's blond locks were tied in a ponytail, keeping her tresses away from her face and shoulders. The influencer opted to wear a few accessories to enhance her look, including a dainty gold necklace and a pair of stud earrings.

Tahlia paired the photo with a short caption, where she promoted her site. She shared about having a "Valentine's Day sale" for two days.

Since going live, the new share has already received a ton of attention from her online fans. In addition to over 16,900 likes, the update has also pulled in more than 160 comments. Some of Tahlia's social media followers took to the comments section to let her know she looked beautiful. Countless other admirers raved over her ample assets and striking blue eyes, while a few followers expressed their admiration with a combination of emoji.

"You are so hot. It would be a dream to wake up with you on Valentine's Day," one fan wrote.

"You are so gorgeous," gushed another admirer.