February 14, 2021
Andreane Chamberland Squeezes Her Bust Into A Little Blue Bikini For Latest Share

Instagram model Andreane Chamberland delighted her 558,000 social media followers on Saturday with a sweet-and-sexy update that showed off her spectacular figure and helped fans fight off the winter blues.

Andreane wore a tiny bathing suit for which she credited the Canada-based brand Audora Boutique. The rest of her caption was in French, but a Google translation suggested that she would have preferred to model the skimpy swimwear outdoors in a more bikini-friendly climate. The sunshine, palm tree, and bikini emoji that followed helped to corroborate the sentiment. Over 5,500 supporters double-tapped their screens to express their agreement in just a few hours.

Andreane's baby blue ensemble looked stunning against her tanned skin and long platinum tresses. The top featured an athletic style that was designed similarly to a sports bra. The straps running over her shoulders and the back of the garment appeared to fit perfectly. However, the front of the suit could not contain her impressive bust. The ribbed fabric stretched tautly over her breasts -- squishing her cleavage together above the low, scooped neckline and putting the soft flesh of her underboob on display.

The matching bottoms also emphasized her hourglass shape. The center dipped into a distinct "V" and wide straps outlined the top of her hips. Additional detailing was added on either side just below those in the form of spaghetti straps that attached very low in the front and wrapped around to the back to lead the viewer's gaze to her peachy bare booty.

Andreane posed with her knees apart and her back arched. She encircled her waist with both hands while dropping her chin and gazing down toward her voluptuous chest and open legs with her lips slightly parted. Her blond mane spilled all the way down her back and was pulled away from her face by a knotted bandana worn as a headband, which was the same hue as the rest of her outfit.

Instead of the beachy environment Andreane seemed to be longing for, she was photographed indoors and surrounded by a collection of stuffed teddy bears of varying colors and sizes. She sat on the lap of the largest one, which was markedly bigger than her.

Andreane's Instagram admirers loved the post and flooded the comments section with praise for the Canadian beauty. Several people complimented the shade of her bathing suit.

"Sexy in blue lucky Teddy bear," one fan remarked, adding a kiss symbol to their words.

"So sexy," declared a second person.