Massive wave strikes cruise ship in Mediterranean, kills 2

Two people were killed and six injured today when a 26-foot “freak wave” struck the Maltese-flagged, Greek Cypriot-owned Louis Majesty cruise ship in the Mediterranean.

A spokesman for the company confirmed that a massive rogue wave “smashed windows in the lounge area,” and that two passengers died in the incident. Identities of the dead passengers have not been revealed, but the service confirmed that one was an Italian citizen and one was German. The accident occurred tonight off the coast of Spain’s Catalonia region, while the ship was en route to Genoa.

Following the incident, the captain changed course to dock in Barcelona and the two dead and six injured passengers were removed from the vessel. 1,350 passengers were aboard the ship, and 580 crew members were on board. Five of the six passengers were “slightly” injured, but a 62-year-old woman was reportedly in serious condition after both of her legs were broken during the incident.

The 732 cabin Louis Majesty is expected to continue on to Genoa after the evacuation of the injured and dead passengers is complete. The company released a statement following the incident:

“Louis Cruises extends its sincere condolences to the families of the two victims and its full support to the injured passengers while expressing its deep sorrow for the incident,” a statement from the company said.