Office Star Rainn Wilson Stranded On The Way To Scranton

Office star Rainn Wilson was stranded on the way to visit the setting for the soon-to-be expired NBC comedy, and ended up in an angry tirade against USAirways for the trouble.

The 47-year-old actor and six of his co-stars were headed to Scranton for an appearance when they missed a connecting flight that departed 10 minutes early. The Office crew was headed to a wrap party to celebrate the end of the show, which is about Scranton-based paper supply company Dunder Mifflin.

The Office star and his fellow actors were stranded when the USAirways flight left early. The situation was even more frustrating to Wilson because they were waiting for a 20-seat plane, so the seven people missing would have definitely been noticed.

The situation brought out a little bit of Wilson’s character, Dwight Schrute. The moody office manager is portrayed as a quirky and brooding oddity, quick to chastise his co-workers and correct them.

Wilson went on a Twitter tirade against USAirways, even suggesting the company’s CEO join the crew on their drive from Philadelphia to Scranton so he could “fondle him angrily.”

Oddly enough, the Philadelphia-to-Scranton trip is a major plot line in the show, as the character Jim has taken a new job in Philly that puts a strain on his relationship with wife Pam. Apparently there’s just something about driving in eastern Pennsylvania that doesn’t sit well with characters and actors from The Office.

Apparently the Office star stranded and angry left an impression on USAirways. A representative for the airline responded to his complaints with a text message that read: “We apologize to Mr. Wilson . . . We have rebooked him on the next available flight, and our customer-service team is in contact with him.”