Russian Stunner Ekaterina Zueva Shows Off Flexibility As She Opens Legs Wide

Ekaterina Zueva shared an eye-popping update with her 2.5 million Instagram followers on Wednesday, February 10. The Russian model took to her account to upload an image in which she showed off her flexibility as she opened her legs wide while rocking a skimpy ensemble that showcased her physique.

The picture showed Zueva lying on the floor in a bright location filled with statues. She was on her side, pulling the top leg above her head with her hand while bending the bottom one for support. She propped her torso up on her forearm as she glanced at the camera with soft eyes and lips parted. There was a large disco ball in front of her, which reflected light.

Zueva sported a fun ensemble that included a revealing top made from red PVC material. It was open at the front, with silver chains tying both sides together. She also wore matching knee-high high-heeled boots.

On her lower body, Zueva had on sparkly bottoms that draped around her hips. She was careful to place some fabric in between her legs to keep the shot Instagram-friendly.

While Zueva often writes her captions in English, this time she opted to add a few words in her native Russian.

She also used the space to credit the professionals behind the picture, hair, makeup and styling.

The post proved to be popular with her followers. Within a day of going live, it has garnered more than 21,800 likes and about 160 comments. They used the comments section space to rave about Zueva’s look and pose and to interact with the model.

“That feeling when you didn’t become a gymnast and you can’t be a fallen lady,” one user wrote.

“Gorgeous legs,” replied another one of her fans, adding a string of red hearts after the words.

“Looks like this is not the last photo that surprises, apparently it’s just beginning,” a third admirer chimed in.

“You going to the Vegas review or the disco Z? Either way you will b dazzlin,” added a fourth fan.

Zueva is well known among her fans for sharing professional and personal photos that highlight her fit body and sex appeal. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently posted a professional shot that saw her dressed in a bright red outfit. She had on a blazer, which she wore entirely unbuttoned and open on the front, putting plenty of her chest on display. She teamed it with dress pants that sat low on her hips, exposing her tight stomach.