Rebel Wilson Looks Smoking Hot In A Skintight Leather Skirt

Ava Bennet

Actress Rebel Wilson stunned her 9.6 million Instagram followers with her latest share, a snap taken outdoors in which she rocked a bold ensemble that showcased her fit figure.

She strutted along a painted walkway in a concrete lot with several trailers visible in the background. A few trees could be spotted in the distance, adding a burst of greenery to the shot, but the focal point of the image remained Rebel's ensemble.

She wore a black leather pencil skirt that hugged her curves, clinging to her shapely hips and toned thighs. The hem came to an inch or so above her knees, leaving her calves on display, and the material creased slightly as she strutted down the concrete.

She paired the figure-hugging skirt with a shirt crafted from a textured blue material. The vibrant color looked stunning with her blond locks, and the fabric added a touch of visual interest to the look. The short-sleeved shirt hugged her ample assets and had a scooped neckline.

She finished off the ensemble with a few accessories, including a pair of what appeared to be white ballet flats, although a portion of her shoes were cut-off in the image. She had her blond locks styled in voluminous curls that grazed the tops of her breasts, with her long bangs remaining loose to frame her stunning features. She incorporated a hint of print in her hair accessory, a headband with an eye-catching pattern that contrasted her blond locks.

The post racked up over 128,200 likes within just three hours of going live, including a like from actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens. It also received 821 comments from Rebel's eager audience in the same time span.

"Stop looking so gorgeous! The audacity," one fan wrote, followed by a praise hands emoji.

"Forget her weight loss journey, this queen is 40??? Like. I need her moisturizer," another follower chimed in, stunned by Rebel's ageless beauty.

"You're a bombshell and alway shave been! You're beautiful, fun, funny, lively, and seem like you would be a wonderful and supportive friend," a third fan remarked, showering the actress with compliments.

It seems Rebel has a penchant for edgy fabrics, according to her Instagram shares. Back in December 2020, as The Inquisitr reported, she posted a holiday-themed snap in which she posed in front of a decorated Christmas tree with several other pieces of seasonal decor around her. She wore a pair of black leather pants and a simple black sweater for the occasion, looking gorgeous in the monochromatic look.