'Cobra Kai' Star Annalisa Cochrane Stuns In A Strapless Corset And Lace Gloves

Actress Annalisa Cochrane took to her Instagram page on Wednesday evening with a delightful pair of images that showcased a very different vibe than her Cobra Kai followers are used to seeing. The 24-year-old actress plays Yasmine -- the snotty, popular high school girl with a little soft streak -- in the hit television series sequel to the Karate Kid movies. In this share, however, the blond celebrity embraced a romantic, vintage style while posing in a serene outdoor environment. The post received nearly 10,000 likes from her 113,000 followers in the first two hours after it was uploaded.

Annalisa expressed excitement about her ensemble in the caption, and tagged a team of stylists and makeup artists for helping create her look. Southern California-based photographer Sydni Joy was also credited for the gorgeous imagery.

Annalisa wore a black corset over a flowing dress with a plunging neckline. The intimates piece featured a sweetheart neckline and vertical ruched seams in the center and on either side of her bust. Her dress was made of white cotton, and had a round collar with a gathered yoke. In the second snap, she pulled the billowing skirt up over her knee and exposed a bit of bare leg.

She paired the outfit with lacy black gloves with frilly ruffles around the wrists. Her curly, honey-colored tresses were pulled back in a matching ribbon with a selection of tendrils pulled free to frame her face, and she wore a gold necklace with narrow links and a small medallion around her neck.

The first photo was a close-up portrait of Annalisa as she posed against a cement garden wall with decorative detailing. She leaned her left forearm against the smooth surface with her hand dangling over the edge, then propped her right elbow next to it and nestled her chin on her outstretched fingers. She gazed at the camera with heavy-lidded eyes and a wistful expression.

In the second image, Annalisa perched on the wall with one leg crossed over the other, and leaned slightly to one side. Her left arm was extended to support her, and she draped her right hand over her knee. A distant, blurry view of sun-kissed conifers and sweeping hills was visible in the background.

Annalisa's Instagram followers were thrilled by the photo shoot and flocked to the comments section with praise for the lovely starlet.

"Ok Madonna meets Debbie Gibson go offffff!" one fan exclaimed, making a clever observation regarding her retro appearance.

"Girl! You served the entire shoot! I'm sure Sydni had a hard time narrowing down all the amazing shots!! Well done," her makeup artist Kayla Arielle exclaimed.