Niece Waidhofer Rocks A Corset For Busty ‘Dr. Mario World’ Cosplay & Shares Photo Of Her ‘Depressed’ Goomba

Niece Waidhofer wowed her 3.2 million Instagram followers on Wednesday by showing off her detailed cosplay of a Dr. Mario World character. The model also shared a photo of her reluctant villainous sidekick.

Niece used her geotag to reveal which video game inspired her costume. She didn’t share which character she was supposed to be dressed up as, but her revealing outfit most closely resembled Dr. Fire Peach’s look. It featured the same red-and-white color scheme as the princess’ lab coat and dress. However, she gave the regal medical garb a spicy makeover by skipping the skirt. Instead, she rocked a pair of tiny red panties and a white corset. The latter featured boning on the front, along with a row of silver buttons and Rouleau loops. It had a low sweetheart neckline that put the model’s eye-popping bust on full display. The shapewear cinched her thin waist in to make her hourglass shape look even more extreme.

Over the corset, Niece wore a white belt with an attached peplum. Her deconstructed look also included a white bolero with cap sleeves and a high neck. The piece boasted crimson, flame-shaped accents. A large brooch with a blue gemstone and a gold setting was pinned to the garment’s collar. She accessorized with matching earrings.

Niece’s footwear was a pair of scarlet, above-the-knee boots. She traded her dark locks for a blond wig that was artfully styled to look like Princess Peach’s voluminous golden mane. On her head, she wore a replica of the video game royal’s small gold crown, complete with red-and-blue jewels. She held a flame-shaped prop in each hand. They were designed to make it look like they were floating above her palms. Her look’s final meticulous detail was a pair of red contact lenses that made it even more evident that the cosplayer’s character was supposed to possess fire flower power.

In the model’s second photo, her pet Pomeranian wore a less elaborate goomba costume, and the pooch’s facial expression seemed to suggest that he wasn’t thrilled with his look. Niece joked that her sidekick “got depressed.”

Her followers went wild over her look, and the fire emoji was a popular response to her post. Her canine companion also received a lot of love in the comments section.

“I’d fight bowser for you! Poor goomba,” wrote one fan.

“It looks like you stepped on him,” quipped another commenter.

“The look of betrayal. They always give it when you try and dress them up. I know that look,” a third message read.

“Whatever this wizardry is… it looks spectacular,” wrote a fourth admirer.