Keira Knightley Weds James Righton During Small Ceremony In France

keira knightley

Keira Knightley and James Righton got married this weekend during a small ceremony in France.

According to Reuters, the celebrity couple exchanged vows at the town hall in Mazan. The small ceremony was only attended by family members and very close friends.

Knightley, who is best known for her role in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, got engaged to Righton, a member of the indie band the Klaxons, last year. The two try to keep their relationship out of the public eye but the actress has talked about Righton to the press in the past.

Earlier this year, Knightley talked with Ellen Degeneres about her low key wedding plans.

Knightley said: “The problem is, ever since [the engagement] happened, everyone keeps going . . . ‘So when is it going to happen, and what’s the dress like?’ I’m just not one of those girls that’s had the kind of fantasy wedding thing, so we haven’t planned anything and it’s all quite terrifying.”

Which is probably why the two were married at a low key ceremony at the town hall and drove away to in an old silver Renault Clio. But that doesn’t mean that the ceremony wasn’t emotional and moving.

A witness told the Daily Mail: “It was a very moving ceremony … Keira looked extremely moved by the whole thing – there were certainly tears of happiness. It was sunny day without a cloud in the sky. There were cheers of “Well done, Keira” when she came out, but there were so few people present so they didn’t make much noise. It was amusing to see them being driven away in a battered old Renault Clio – it certainly looked as though it had seen better days.”

After the small ceremony, Knightley and Righton invited guests to their $4 million estate for a post-wedding party and a Klaxons concert.

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