Katya Elise Henry Flaunts Her Curvy Booty & Teases 'Super Bowl This Azzzz'

Stacy Carey

A recent Instagram post from social media starlet Katya Elise Henry caused quite a stir among her 8 million dedicated followers. The brunette bombshell teasingly highlighted her trademark derriere to successfully get everybody's pulses racing.

The set of three photos showed the stunning model posing in some exercise gear from her Workouts by Katya line. She wore her signature booty shorts in black and the high-waisted garment clung to all of her luscious curves.

Katya also wore the cross-back bra from her line, and she chose black in that piece as well. The hottie tagged the Instagram page for Lace by Tanaya for her earrings, a stunning pair of giant, bling-covered hoops.

In the first photo, Katya posed with her backside to the camera. She leaned forward and braced herself on her arms as she teasingly looked over her shoulder toward the photographer.

The 26-year-old's position accentuated her hourglass curves. Her plump, peachy posterior demanded attention, and her slim waistline was highlighted by the cut of the shorts.

The second photo featured Katya from the side. She leaned backward and braced herself with her hands as she seductively arched her back. She looked down with her eyes mostly closed and bent her legs.

This allowed her to give everybody a hint of her busty assets and flat tummy, while still highlighting her shapely thighs, perky booty, and curvy hips.

The caption for this post was equally as saucy as her poses. She referenced both her notable booty and last weekend's Super Bowl while throwing in a mischievous purple devil emoji.

Over the course of about 24 hours, the set of snapshots received more than 192,500 likes and 1,085 comments. Flattering emoji were used liberally by Katya's fans, and people clearly approved of these titillating shots.

"You're So Peachy," one fan noted.

"Yes queen," another detailed.

"Oh hii Bombshell..!!" a third user teased.

"Mood lol," someone else quipped.

A week ago, Katya teased her millions of admirers with a bikini snap. She wore a minuscule neon-green and black bikini set that highlighted all of her trademark curves. Ultimately, that picture was liked by nearly 245,000 of her impressed fans.