JoJo Siwa Goes 'Instagram Official' With Her Girlfriend & Says She's The 'Happiest I've Ever Been'

Stacy Carey

Former Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa is ready to go public with her romance, just a few weeks after coming out. Soon after confirming that a recent Instagram upload was indeed a signal that she was part of the LGBTQ community, Siwa noted that she did have a girlfriend. Until now, she hadn't shared any specifics.

Now, Siwa has revealed some additional information. In her Monday post, the dancer shared several still photos and one short video showing her with her girlfriend. In her caption, the 17-year-old noted that her current partner is someone who has been a best friend of hers for the past year.

The post was made now to honor the couple's one-month anniversary. She didn't go into details about how their year-long friendship turned into a romantic relationship last month, but she made it clear that it's been a fantastic experience.

Siwa tagged her partner's Instagram page in a couple of the photos. Her name is Kylie, and in her bio, she jokes that she's a human golden retriever. She has nearly 90,000 followers but has only posted on her page a handful of times since opening it several years ago.

Siwa's caption referred to her gal as protective, loving, supportive, and "the most beautiful perfect person." She added that she loved her partner more every day, and the Dance Moms personality's 10.5 million followers went wild over the update.

"so glad you found your person you [two] are the cutest, and it has shown how much happier you are with her. keep shining JoJo! love you!!!" another wrote.

"so happy you've found yourself and someone who truly loves everything about you it's amazing how much happier you seem with her! much love for you girl!!" a third user praised.

"Brb, going to wait for the Karen's of Instagram to show me a better teen star for my daughter to look up to. Actually, scratch that, I'd be waiting forever. So proud of you for being you. My daughter loves you and I'm so glad you are someone she looks up to. I want her to know it pays to work hard and be who you are regardless of what others think. Do your thing, cause you're rocking it!" someone else detailed.

There were some negative comments in response to Siwa's update, but the majority of the notes were supportive of the Dance Moms star. Now that she's revealed this big news, fans likely will be anxious to see more updates of the dancer and Kylie together.