February 7, 2021
Katelyn Runck Nearly Spills Out Of Massively Plunging Mini Dress In Sun-Kissed Instagram Share

Fitness trainer and Instagram model Katelyn Runck took to her social media page on Saturday, February 6, with a gorgeous double photo and video update that seemed to thrill her 2.4 million followers. The statuesque beauty posed on a sunny balcony with the beach in the background while wearing a revealing outfit that left little to the imagination. She coquettishly inquired in the caption about having a traditional Saturday morning beverage, making it sound like perhaps she was extending an invitation. By the end of the day, over 38,500 fans had double-tapped their screens to show their appreciation for the post.

Katelyn wore a heather gray mini dress that featured a stretchy, lightweight fabric that clung to her fit physique. The garment had twisted spaghetti straps that ran over both chiseled shoulders and a dramatic V-shaped neckline, which dipped several inches below her chest. The plunging shape exposed the entirety of her cleavage and a significant portion of her bountiful, rounded breasts.

The center of the tiny dress had a ruched seam that was gathered most heavily in the area between her legs, tying in a small bow at the bottom of the short hem. The detailing emphasized the tight fit of the piece and drew extra attention to the comparison of her slender waist with the swell of her hips and muscular booty. An ample amount of Katelyn's toned thighs were visible, although most of her long legs were out of frame in the two still images.

Katelyn styled her long chestnut mane in loose curls that spilled over one shoulder all the way to her rib cage. Her tresses glinted in the bright sunshine, which poured across one side of her body, illuminating the lines of her incredible figure.

The first snap showed her sitting casually in a patio chair with her left leg crossed over her right. She draped her right palm on her knee and grasped the arm of the chair with her other hand, displaying her red manicured fingernails. Her head was tilted slightly to one side as she gazed at the camera with an intense expression.

In the second photo, Katelyn stood next to a long, wood-slatted railing with her hips cocked to one side and one thigh crossed slightly in front of the other. She placed her hand against the inner curve of her waist, displaying the impressive definition of her upper arm.

The video portion of the post was a behind-the-scenes capture of Katelyn expertly posing for the camera. She made constant and slight movements to allow the photographer to capture the widest range of possible successful imagery.