February 7, 2021
Busty Demi Rose Flaunts Insane Curves In Half Corset & Pleated Miniskirt

British Instagram model Demi Rose took to her social media page on Saturday, February 6, with a three-image series of outdoor snaps in which she showcased her tantalizing figure for her 15.9 million followers. She chose to wear a sexy but sweet pink-and-white ensemble for the share, and she posed outdoors in the sunshine. It took only eight hours for over 254,000 fans to hit the like button, including fellow well-endowed influencer Bethany Lily April.

Demi tagged the clothing brand Pretty Little Thing in the caption for her outfit, which featured a thickly ribbed white tank top that stretched taut over her incredibly voluptuous bust. The swell of her breasts indicated she was not wearing a bra beneath the shirt, which was tucked into a pale, blush-colored corset.

The waist-cincher fastened up the center with a long row of metal hook-and-eye clasps and was supported by evenly spaced structural boning. Two semi-circular cutouts along the top seam made room for the roundness of her bountiful chest, which spilled over the garment enticingly.

Demi also wore a flared white miniskirt embellished with tiny pleats along the slim waistband, which she wore over the bit of lingerie. She pulled the already short hem of the skirt up over her curvaceous thighs to show off even more tempting bare skin.

She looped a rectangular Coach handbag with a repeating geometric design and embossed logos in shades that matched the rest of her alluring look around her right elbow and held it up for display in the images. More importantly, her other accessory was an adorable brown puppy with curly fur and sweet face. The creature appeared to have a much more difficult time concentrating during the shoot than the human expert posing alongside.

Demi had her long, dark mane twisted up loosely and clipped behind her head, with the exception of a few layered tendrils that were pulled out and framed either side of her face with loose curls.

She perched on a large rock spotted with bits of yellow and white moss, in front of a bushy, partially dry palm tree. An enormous tree with sage-colored leaves comprised the center of the background, and various other types of trees formed a row even further back, past a stretch of short green grass.

Demi's Instagram admirers flooded the comments section with praise for her stunning appearance. Most people chose to express their adoration by using various emoji, as the page was dotted with hearts, flames, heart-eyes, and red roses.