Olympic Gymnast Laurie Hernandez Shows Off Her Amazing Abs In A Red Bikini: 'Squint'

Treva Bowdoin

Laurie Hernandez works hard to keep her body in tip-top shape, and a pair of Instagram pics that she shared on Saturday showed off the results of her efforts. Instead of wearing one of the leotards that her fans are used to seeing her compete and practice in, the American gymnast rocked a red bikini that put her rock-hard abs on display.

Laurie, 20, was somewhere nice and sunny, and she took advantage of the gorgeous weather by taking a trip to the beach. The sun was so bright that she had to shield her eyes from its light and squint while trying to look at the camera. She was photographed stretching out on a yellow towel. It had been placed on the sand right beside a craggy rock formation covered with wavy grooves.

The Olympic gold medalist opted to wear a two-piece that included a sporty bralette top. It looked similar to a sports bra, but the right side of the piece was strapless. The left side had two straps that appeared to join on top of her shoulder, creating an elongated, teardrop-shaped opening. She teamed the asymmetrical top with a pair of mid-rise briefs. The bottoms had high sides that showcased her powerful thighs.

Laurie's springy brunette curls were soaking wet, and her buff body glistened with water droplets. In both photos, she displayed some of her flexibility by tucking her left foot underneath her right thigh. The latter leg was stretched out with her toes pointed. She propped herself up on her left elbow and used her right hand to shield her eyes while she gave the camera a big, squinty smile.

The sunlight helped put a spotlight on Laurie's chiseled stomach by making her skin gleam in a way that highlighted its definition.

"You were blinded by the sun and we were blinded by YOU," wrote one fan.

"You look awesome!!!" gushed another admirer.

"Girl you are ripped! Keep on smiling!" read a third comment.

Since scoring two medals at the 2016 Summer Olympics, Laurie has gone on to win Dancing with the Stars and conquer the handstand challenge. She's now plotting her return to the Olympics stage, with NBC News reporting that she'll compete in her first gymnastics meet in over four years later this month when she heads to Indianapolis for the Winter Cup.