Kristen Bell Shares Photo Of Her 'Nipple Knapsack' After Going Almost A Year Without One

Treva Bowdoin

Kristen Bell had her Instagram followers in hysterics after she treated them to a photo of herself rocking a bra. In the caption of her post, the 40-year-old Veronica Mars star shared a few funny euphemisms for her undergarment.

Kristen revealed that she spent the last 11 months going without a "Nipple Knapsack," and it wasn't a return to work that made her finally decide to wear one again. Instead, she put on a supportive bra to show her support for a good cause.

The Good Place actress was pictured wearing a design from the Female Collective's new collaboration with Harper Wilde, a brand that offers a variety of different bras priced under $50. Kristen wrote that the nonprofit GirlTrek will receive 15 percent of all profits from sales of the Female Collective collection. GirlTrek is an organization aimed at helping Black women get healthier, mainly through walking. It encourages them to become leaders who promote healthy living in their communities, as well as professionals who work in the fields of fitness, nutrition, mental health, and environmental issues.

Kristen's bra was navy blue, and it featured a confidence-boosting message embroidered on the side in pink. It read, "I am more than enough." The undergarment's other visible features included underwire, soft cups, and adjustable straps.

The Gossip Girl star posed sideways with her arms crossed in front of her chest. She turned to look at the camera over her hunched-up right shoulder, giving it a warm smile. Her blond bob was styled in soft waves, and she looked fresh-faced with flawless, porcelain skin. She stood in front of a wall that was almost the same shade of blue as her lingerie top.

"That is a great over the shoulder boulder holder," read another response to Kristen's post.

"Your euphemisms for sweater puppies are top notch!" wrote a third fan.

"This post - has made my Friday! I love the idea of receiving positive reinforcement WHILE receiving 'reinforcement' for the girls," a fourth admirer chimed in.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kristen also had her fans in stitches a few months ago when her husband, Dax Shepard, shared a photo of her peeing inside of his new car. Luckily, she was emptying her bladder in a plastic cup, not on her seat's upholstery.