Sofia Jamora Bares Booty In Neon & Nude Lingerie: 'Pricey, Icy & Spicy'

Sofia Jamora treated her 2.8 million Instagram followers to three photos of herself modeling skimpy lingerie from PrettyLittleThing.

In all the images, Sofia wore a nude-and-neon-green lingerie set. It included over-the-elbow gloves, a bralette, thong panties, and a garter belt. The top revealed a generous look at Sofia's cleavage, which rounded over the neckline. The belt accented her slender waist, and the garters hung freely on her sunkissed thighs. The panties dipped lip in the front, showing off a hint of her toned tummy. The high-cut leg openings showcased her curvy hips.

Sofia posed against a tan wall in the bright sunlight. For the first photo, she held her arms above her head, using one gloved hand to block the sun from her eyes. She wore her highlighted hair in loose curls that tumbled over one shoulder and down her back, falling past her waist. She stared fiercely at the camera's lens with her full lips in a pout.

In the second picture, she held out her hand, revealing a sparkly tennis bracelet that seemed to match the thick necklace she wore around her neck. She looked down at the camera with her mouth slightly open and her eyelids mostly closed. She also took off the garter belt for that image.

The final photo featured Sofia from behind. She angled away from the lens with her hands slightly pulling up each of her rounded butt cheeks, pushing the garters into them. She looked at the camera with her mouth in a pout once again.

Nearly 92,000 Instagram users expressed their appreciation by hitting the like button on the post. More than 400 also took the time to leave a positive comment, with several choosing the flame emoji to represent their thoughts visually.

"I have no words to describe this perfection," one devotee enthused, including several red heart-eye smilies.

"Queen of Lingerie or everything that she uses and posts. You're breaking the Internet, Sofia. I think I just saw an angel," a second fan gushed, adding crowns, roses, and a halo smiley.

"You are everything, never tired of your pics. I'm so sad that this set sold out in an XS, though. You are my girl crush forever, Sofia," a third Instagram user declared, with hearts and a money bag.

"One underwear pic a day keeps the bedroom away. You are a goddess on earth," a fourth follower replied, adding hearts and a globe.