WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns' 'WrestleMania 37' Opponent Reportedly Confirmed

WrestleMania 37 season is officially underway, and WWE will soon start announcing matches and creating storylines for the biggest pay-per-view of the year. Roman Reigns will defend his Universal Championship at the event, and Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Sportskeeda, has revealed who his planned opponent will be.

"At press time, while not announced, one of the WrestleMania main events will be Edge challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal title. Edge winning was for the storyline that Edge retired as champion and now that he's come back, is looking to regain the title as the culmination of his return. Right now there is no plan regarding who wins this match."
Edge won last Sunday's Royal Rumble match for a shot at any World Championship in the company. The initial assumption was that he'd go after Drew McIntyre's title as they're both Monday Night Raw superstars, but winning the Royal Rumble gave him an avenue for switching brands that makes sense from a storyline perspective.

"The Rated R Superstar" has yet to confirm what his plans are, but a showdown between a Hall of Famer and the biggest contemporary star in the promotion does have a lot of box office appeal.

Unfortunately, this development officially rules out the proposed dream match between Reigns and The Rock. As The Inquisitr previously documented, the latter revealed that he's interested in returning to the ring in order to face his cousin.

Roman Reigns leans over Bray Wyatt

However, fans might be waiting until 2023 for the bout as The Rock reportedly doesn't want to perform in an empty stadium. The restrictions imposed on the show by the current pandemic means that there won't be as many fans at the event as the legendary performer would like.

The pay-per-view will also be held in Hollywood in 2023, which is arguably the perfect time to have the family members face off. The Rock is a Hollywood A-lister after all, and the event will undoubtedly attract a large audience.

Of course, it's possible that officials will change their mind about their plans for Reigns at the "Showcase of the Immortals." Some reports have suggested that officials have a list of potential opponents in mind for him.

As The Inquisitr report highlighted, Big E and Daniel Bryan are reportedly being considered as possible foes for the champ. However, these two now seem unlikely considering that neither won this year's Royal Rumble.

McIntyre is reportedly in the running as well. Officials were supposedly so impressed with their showdown at 2020's Survivor Series that they're keen to have them compete again on the biggest stage of them all.

Bill Goldberg's name has also been mentioned. The Hall of Famer was set to face Reigns in 2020, but the angle was canceled after "The Big Dog" took some time off.