Kate Beckinsale Dances Around In A White Sports Bra, Showing Off Killer Abs

Caitlin Albers

Kate Beckinsale is having a whole lot of fun in her latest social media snap. The 47-year-old shared a new video to her Instagram timeline on February 5 where she danced around in her kitchen while one of her cats sat by her, unfazed. Cat videos are nothing unusual for the actress who regularly shares videos and photos of her fluffy friends for her 4.6 million followers to see.

In the video, Kate blasted Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" as she strutted her stuff down the galley of her kitchen. She twirled around on her tiptoes and shimmied while wearing a white Nike sports bra. She paired the bra with a pair of animal-print yoga pants that rose high on her waist, and which were underneath a baggy pair of Free City sweatpants. She also sported a simple chain necklace with a small pendant hanging from it.

Kate wore her brunette locks up in a messy bun which bounced around as she danced. Her abs flexed throughout her performance, highlighting the strength in her toned tummy. Her arms and shoulders also looked very fit, and her muscles were only defined more by her bronzed skin.

The Underworld actress' cat Willow sat on the floor on a mat, wearing a large pink poofy ensemble. As Kate approached her pet, the cat didn't react but kept looking away while slowly shifting its tail from side to side.

"Your posts have a habit of making us smile on a miserable day, I for one am thankful for people like you and you obviously," one fan wrote.

"I love the way fluffball is just sitting there looking demented," a second commented.

The comments section also filled up with hundreds of emoji which included the heart-eyed smiley face, flame symbol, and white hearts.

Kate wore the same outfit in a post she shared to her feed on February 4. In yesterday's pic, she held one of her other cats in a baby carrier strapped to her chest. She put on her black sunnies and posed outside in front of some small trees. She asked if Canada was ready for her, suggesting she is setting off for the north in the near future.