On Route To Disney Cruise, Man Robs Credit Union To Fund Trip

Disney cruise

Satellite Beach, FL – Cedrick Swinson was packed up and ready to go on a Disney cruise with his girlfriend and his kids in tow, but had one final stop to make before they boarded. Swinson allegedly had to knock over a credit union to fund the trip.

According to investigators, the 37-year-old North Carolinian robbed a Satellite Beach credit union while his girlfriend and the couple’s two children waited in the car outside. When questioned Swinson’s girlfriend said that she had no idea what was happening. She even joked “What did you do, rob a bank?” when Swinson emerged looking panicked and in a hurry.

Employees of the Navy Federal Credit Union were surprised that they were robbed by a man who was supposed to be on vacation.

“My God, we’re so upset about what happened,” said one of the credit union employees.

According to law enforcement officials, Swinson was en route to the Disney cruise he had planned for his family when he realized that he didn’t have access to his own funds. He decided to steal the money to get his family on the cruise.

He reportedly made the decision on the fly, and even handed the bank teller a note demanding money to pay for his vacation.

Police caught up with Swinson about six minutes after the robbery, pulling over his SUV and arresting him. They also recovered the stolen case. His girlfriend and children were released.

Swinson does have priors, including previous arrests for writing fraudulent checks, breaking and entering and identity fraud in his home state of North Carolina.

I guess the dream that he wished didn’t come true.

[Image via: Nathan Forget, Wikimedia Commons]