‘Men In Black 4’ Being Planned

Men in Black 4 is in the works.

Men in Black was one of those science fiction films that merged out of this world concepts with cutting humor to deliver an instant classic. Of course, teaming relative movie newcomer Will Smith with Tommy Lee Jones was such a stroke of genius. The two of them played off each other so well.

Then came Men in Black II, and audiences drew a collective “meh” as Will Smith tried to carry the first half of the film without Tommy Lee Jones’ deadpan wit to keep him in check. The result was a film that struggled to even entertain the fans.

Men in Black 3 was a surprising comeback that once again gave us Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith from the start, and introduced another over the top villain determined to wipe Agent K from existence. The lack of Tommy Lee Jones this time around was made easier by the incredibly dead-on performance of Josh Brolin, who had us convinced as a younger Agent K.

Now Men in Black 4 is being planned with a script by Oren Uziel, whose previous accomplishments include Mortal Kombat: Rebirth. This is the same writer who has written the screenplay for the upcoming horror comedy The Kitchen Sink, where a human, a vampire and a zombie team up to fight off an alien invasion. Oren Uziel is also apparently rewriting 21 Jump Street.

Will Smith mentioned at the Men in Black 3 junket last year that if it takes too long to make the next film, he might be too old. He said, “We’ll have to see what people say. If there’s a good reaction to this movie, it’s not something I would be against. Hopefullly we’re not going to keep the same pattern. It was five years between the first and second and ten years between the second and third. That would be twenty years. I’ll be 63 years old. It’s just not a good look.”

What do you think of Men in Black 4 being in the planning stages?