Noah Cyrus Pulls Her Hoodie Up Beneath Her Bust To Reveal Skimpy Panties And Nearly Bare Booty

Shawna Cory

Noah Cyrus took to Instagram on Wednesday with a trio of snaps that seemed to wow her 6 million followers. The musician and younger sister of pop superstar Miley Cyrus flaunted her peachy posterior and bare midriff while chilling on what appeared to be a mellow afternoon. It took less than an hour for the share to garner nearly 250,000 likes from titillated fans.

Noah credited the cannabis-friendly brand Smoke in the caption for her black hoodie, the logo for which was printed across the front in appropriately billowy gray lettering. According to the company's website, the garment includes a convenient zippered "stash pocket."

She tugged the bottom of the hoodie up and tucked it below her breasts, creating an even, cropped hemline that exposed all of her slender midsection and shapely hips. She also wore a pair of tiny thong panties that dipped dramatically in the front and were tied in little bows high over both hips, level with her navel.

Noah pulled her long dark hair into a tight bun at the crown of her head, leaving a few face-framing sections pulled out on either side.

In the first snap, the 2020 Grammy nominee leaned with her backside resting against a countertop in a tidy, modern kitchen between the sink and a gas stove. She was backlit by a huge, rectangular window through which a vast expanse of mountainous desert and shrubby pines could be seen. The sky appeared as if it had been painted with smooth, white clouds.

In the subsequent image, Noah turned sideways and appeared to be checking something in the empty oven. She stood on one leg and kicked the other out behind her for balance as she leaned forward with her arm extended toward the open door. The position put her rounded derrière on full display and obscured most of her undies, giving the tempting illusion that she was not wearing anything on the lower half of her body.

The final photo showed the often-controversial celebrity back in a standing position and facing the camera head-on. She cocked her hips and puffed on a rolled cigarette that she held between her thumb and forefinger. A rolling cloud of smoke partially enveloped her face and swirled around her head.