Kate Beckinsale Wears Her Sweats Low On Her Hips While Wearing Her Kitty Strapped Over Her Chest In A Carrier

Kathryn Cook

Kate Beckinsale showed off her quirky sense of humor in the most recent photo that was featured on her Instagram page. The February 3 post had a special guest, her cat Clive, who has been featured on her page several times.

Beckinsale took her kitty outdoors where they posed in front of a wall of lush greenery. A brick wall and some soil appeared near the bottom of the frame. It looked to be a beautiful day and sunlight hit the top of Beckinsale's head. She stood with her figure in profile, casually draping her arms near her hips. The actress looked over her shoulder with her lips slightly parted. She wore Clive over her chest in a red and blue baby carrier with black mesh in the middle. The cat seemed to be totally relaxed in the comfort of the contraption. He stretched both feet out in front of him to reveal his pink polish while his paws were totally relaxed.

Beckinsale combined comfort and sexiness for her look. She wore a white shirt that was pulled high on her ribs to expose a tease of her trim abs. Its sleeves were pushed above her elbow and revealed her tanned forearm.

She added a few layers on her lower half. The bottom layer was a pair of gray leggings with funky black spots. It had a thick waistband that she wore high on her hips, accentuating her tiny midsection and waist. For her second layer, Beckinsale sported a pair of tie-dye sweatpants that were worn low on her hips. The garment had a white drawstring in front and a black and red graphic printed on the left side. She also rocked a dark polish on her nails.

It has not taken long for fans to rave over the silly photograph. Within minutes, more than 54,000 double-tapped the post while another 1,000 left comments. Some fans asked questions while several others simply gushed over the look.

"THE hottest dcat [sic] mama that ever lived," one follower gushed, alongside a series of red hearts.

"I just here for the hate comments and witty replies. Killin it as always Kate," remarked another person.

"Of course Canada is ready for the beautiful Kate and her cats," a third chimed in, including a few Canadian flags with their message.

"Yes!! Canada will welcome you both with open arms. You are a queen," raved a fourth fan.