February 4, 2021
Cindy Prado Puts On A Sultry Show With A Surprise Ending While Wearing Revealing Satin Lingerie

Model Cindy Prado thrilled her 2 million Instagram followers on Tuesday with a seductive video update that showcased her stunning physique and breathtaking features. The Cuban bombshell filmed her own version of the popular TikTok trend in which participants create a meaningful or comical vignette using a portion of the song "Just the Two of Us," which was crooned by Grover Washington Jr. and released in 1980.

The video featured a series of quick clips that cut quickly from one to the next -- the majority showing Cindy beguilingly mouthing the lyrics to the romantic R&B track while she coquettishly interacted with the camera. She tugged on her lingerie and swayed her hips back and forth as the song progressed. As the phrase, "I want to spend some time with you," played in the background, she pointed toward the viewer with both hands, then pouted her full lips with a smoldering expression.

The finale of the post, however, was comically unexpected. As the music transitioned and the chorus containing the title of the song began, Cindy suddenly held a beautiful Bengal kitty with striking green eyes in both hands. She danced back and forth while proudly displaying the feline with an enormous smile.

Cindy wore a revealing lingerie ensemble that beautifully accentuated her most impressive assets. It featured silky, pale blue satin and eye-catching details that she toyed with as she bounced around in front of the camera.

The top of the two-piece set was a strapless, cropped bustier with an open center that was laced together with a slender ribbon and tied in a bow at her cleavage. Sculpted underwire demi-cups created an alluring swell of her voluptuous bust, which nearly spilled out of the skimpy garment.

Long straps with metal clasp detailing were sewn to the bottom of each cup and dangled against her lithe midsection, grazing the top of her hips. Their spacing and appearance resembled the sections of fabric on a garter belt that would traditionally hold stockings in place, but they were seemingly just decorative in this case.

Cindy's matching panties featured a bit of symmetrically seamed detailing in the front, as well as double straps that ran high over both shapely hips.

The bronzed beauty styled her luxuriously thick mane in loose, untamed curls that she tossed about as she moved. At one point during the clip, she got close to the camera and made intense eye-contact while running her fingers through her hair.