Ireland Baldwin Rocks A Low-Neck Sports Bra And Poses With A Leg Up To Mock Fitness Ads

Treva Bowdoin

Ireland Baldwin entertained her Instagram followers by doing a spot-on impression of a self-proclaimed "fitness expert" in a new video.

In her caption, Ireland wrote that her comedic creation was inspired by some of the ads that she's been seeing on YouTube lately. The specific targets of her parody were pushy plugs for fitness programs.

She went all-out for her performance, adopting a somewhat aggressive demeanor and and making sure to dress the part. She was clad in a black sports bra with a plunging neckline that provided a long look at her ample bust as she slightly leaned toward the camera. The piece had white Nike branding on the front. She teamed the top with a pair of pale pink shorts with a gray drawstring waistband. She wore the bottoms pulled up high enough that barely any of her belly was visible. Her blond hair was styled in a practical topknot wrapped with a pink scrunchie.

Ireland filmed her faux ad inside a spacious living area. She stood with her right foot planted on top of an object off-screen. This caused her shorts leg to ride up, baring her toned thigh. She lightly stretched her groin by moving her body from side to side repetitively.

She addressed the camera in a commanding voice, adopting a somewhat patronizing manner to match her imposing posture.

"Hey, buddy. You working out from home, yeah? Yeah? Well, stop," she said.

Ireland then listed off all of the things that her muscle-obsessed character would advise viewers to quit doing if they wanted to lose belly fat, including yoga, jogging, running, and squatting. She ended the list by suggesting that protentional customers should simply quit moving at all.

"You want all of this, yeah? Well, stop doing what you're doing. You're doing it wrong," she said to conclude her pitch.

The video ended after she aggressively kicked her foot at the camera.

"You are a nut," wrote her mother, actress Kim Basinger, in response to her post.

"You know exactly what jockstrap I'm talking about," she wrote.

Many of Ireland's followers took to the comments section to praise her parody. One person suggested that she inherited her comedic chops from her pops, 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin.

"Hysterical. Chip off the old block," the viewer commented.

"This is the best thing I've seen today. I just signed up for your fitness program," read another message.

This isn't the first time Ireland has showed off her silly side on Instagram. As reported by The Inquisitr, she recently joked about the horror she felt when she saw a white stain on one of her sweaters, forgetting that she had gotten face cream on it.