Model Tina Louise Flaunts Her Impressive Cleavage & Rocks Out To Heavy Metal Music In Latest Video

Tina Louise took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon and treated her 2.5 million followers to an entertaining video, much to their delight. The clip featured the Australian model full of life as she listened to loud music without a care in the world. She also sported an outfit that showed off her impressive assets. You can view the footage here.

In the video, Tina grinning and dancing around to some rock 'n' roll music with the camera held close to her face and chest area. The first part showed her bobbing her shoulders with her eyes closed as she got into the groove. She then burst out laughing and started headbanging full-force as the music got louder, causing her rose-gold pixie cut hairstyle to get messy.

The model also brought her fashion A-game to the video. She wore a tight, low-cut bodycon top that exposed her cleavage and some of her tattoos. She paired the outfit with two gold necklaces, cross earrings and a silver bracelet for extra glamor. One of the necklaces also featured a serpent emblem, which added to the rock 'n' roll vibe that she was going for.

Tina's fans responded very positively to the upload as well. At the time of this writing, the clip has received over 60,000 views and 15,000 likes. Many of her fans also took to the comments section to give her a compliment and show their appreciation for her taste in tunes.

Tina Louise attends an event and poses for a snap
Getty Images | Jon Kopaloff

"Loving me a hot little headbanger. Who's your favorite metal band? Mine is Pantera," wrote one Instagram user, who capped off the reply with some devil horn salute emoji.

"I'm obsessed with your short hair, but also would totally love to see you in a suuuper long wig lol and maybe nothing else," stated a second Instagrammer.

"Tina, you are an exceptional beauty....exceptional," gushed a third fan on Instagram, adding some fire emoji for extra sizzle.

"Always with the good vibes," noted another Instagrammer. This sentiment was echoed throughout the replies too, with many of Tina's admirers revealing that they loved her personality.

This isn't the first attention-grabbing upload that Tina has shared in recent times. As The Inquisitr previously documented, she took to the aforementioned image-sharing platform last week and treated her supporters to some racy shots of her in nothing but a thong and bra. Those pics also delighted her audience, who showed up in their droves to let her know how much they appreciated her.