David Carradine Makes Final Film Appearance In ‘Night Of The Templar’

David Carradine movies definitely have an expiration date since ABC News reported that the actor had died of apparent autoerotic asphyxiation in 2009 at age 72.

But that won’t stop us from seeing him at least once more before saying goodbye.

His last official film snuck out onto home video in February of this year.

Actor-writer-stuntman-director Paul Sampson landed a pretty impressive cast for Night of the Templar, which looks like a kung fu-time travel-horror-comedy mashup.

Joining Carradine is Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) as well as Billy Drago in scary-as-hell drag and horror icon Udo Kier.

The plot centers on a resurrected knight, who is out to avenge the death and betrayal he suffered long ago at the hands of a group of fellow knights.

After 700 years, Gregoire (Sampson) returns, and he’s out for payback. There to help is David Carradine, which pretty much means the bad guys have no chance unless Chuck Norris makes a surprise appearance.

(If that does happen, make sure you leave us a note in the comments, so we can be sure to check it out.)

The rest of the cast do not look like they’ll be turning up in a hit movie or series any time soon, but Sampson has managed a respectable $3 million budget for the film, according to IMDb, and it looks like a fun time-waster for any of you that don’t mind turning off brain functions a while and basking in the blood and guts.

We’ve got a trailer here:

Fans, even if you don’t end up liking the film, at least it’s a pleasant distraction from the messy circumstances of Carradine’s death.

As with all celebrity deaths, rumors surrounded the announcement with some speculating the actor met his demise as part of a bizarre murder plot. A Thai tabloid added to the sensationalism by publishing the actual death photos.

As for the rest of Carradine’s film slate, he could appear one more time, but it’ll take someone else to step in and finish his directorial effort Mata Hari, which was left unfinished when the actor’s body was discovered almost four years ago.

The film, shot over the course of three decades, would have starred daughter Calista Carradine in the titular role. No one has expressed an interest in picking up the reins at this time.

Will you be downloading, streaming, or nabbing a DVD copy of Night of the Templar this weekend? And what was your favorite David Carradine film?