February 3, 2021
Cosplay Model Jessica Nigri Plays In The Snow In Sparkly Lingerie For 'Ice Queen' Look

Jessica Nigri gave her 4.1 million Instagram followers quite a treat earlier this week in her latest update. The Queen of Cosplay took to her main account to share a sexy — and also humorous — video that saw her playing in the snow while rocking a skimpy lingerie set that showcased her amazing body and costume skills.

The video-clip started out by showing Nigri in the freezing location as she struck sexy poses and shot seductive glances into the camera. It then cut to footage of the model falling in the soft snowdrift as she made grunting sounds, indicating she was uncomfortable. She laughed all throughout, showing off her famous sense of humor.

Nigri explained in the comments section that she was dressed as an Ice Queen. Her costume consisted mainly of a lingerie set with an intricate bra that included details along the bottom edge that resembled icicles. It included stones all throughout that gave it a sparkly quality.

Her bottoms were blue with white fluff on the front. Nigri wore the thin sides pulled up high, baring her curvy hips. She also wore thigh-high socks and a winter coat with a hoodie. A crown on her head and blue makeup completed her outfit.

In the caption, Nigri joked that the footage was a result of her thinking wearing lingerie in the snow was a good idea and finding out the hard way that it was not.

Since going live, the post has attracted more than 171,000 likes and over 1,200 comments. Her fans flocked to the comments section to compliment Nigri on her cosplay and to interact with her.

"Only need a sauna and you would be complete (the correct way to do it)," one user wrote.

"Goddamn girl [star] [hands raised emoji] you look amazing as eff," replied another fan.

"Hahahaha! I feel this. When I used to model they always wanted to do shoots with snow or when it was freezing outside and I have barely any clothes on," a third admirer added.

"You are so silly. I hope you are warm and safe indoors now," chimed in a fourth fan.

Nigri has been relatively quiet so far this year, having posted only once in 2021. As The Inquisitr has previously reported, she welcomed the new year by uploading two close-up shots of herself wearing a black tank top that put emphasis on her chest. She used both hands to push her breasts up, drawing even more attention to her assets. She asked her fans to describe the best meal that have eaten so far in 2021.