Sea Lion Pup Wanders Into Chamber Of Commerce Office

A sea lion pup wandered into a Chamber of Commerce office in Imperial Beach, California. The unexpected visitor startled an employee, but did not cause any harm or damage.

Cynthia Fulk says the sea lion pup eventually hid under her desk. She was not sure how to deal with a confused sea lion so she contacted 911.

As reported by Fox 5 San Diego, Fulk told the 911 operator that a sea lion pup wandered into her office and she wasn’t sure what to do with it.

Authorities with Imperial Beach Animal Control responded to the scene and transported the sea lion to SeaWorld for assessment. Specialists at SeaWorld were able to identify the seal, as it was the second time they have seen it this year.

Sea lion pups, hungry and looking for food, have invaded beaches in Southern California in record numbers this year. As reported by Yahoo News, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration representatives have rescued over 1200 starving seals from California beaches.

Around 25 percent of the seals are too sick to rehabilitate, but the others are taken to rescue centers. There are currently seven centers accepting and treating the beached sea lions, but the problem persists.

Experts blame lack of food sources. As the mother seals are not receiving nourishment, they stop producing milk. The sea lion pups leave their mothers too soon and end up stranded on the beach.

Once the seal pups are healthy, they are tagged and released back into the ocean. The seal lion pup that wandered into the Chamber of Commerce office was released earlier this year, but eventually ended up hiding under Cynthia Fulk’s desk.

Officials report that the pup is health and has been eating regularly.

Anyone finding a stray sea lion pup in California is urged to leave the animal alone and contact a marine mammal center. Sea lions are adorable, but they do bite.

[Image via Wikimedia]