Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Dante's Confused & Sam May Be There To Lend Her Support

General Hospital spoilers indicate that viewers have some interesting things to look forward to with Tuesday's episode. Fans have been speculating for a while now that the writers might work toward putting Sam and Dante together romantically. From the sounds of things, that potential pairing may take a slight step forward during the February 2 episode.

Last week, Dante stepped in as Alexis tried to kill Franco by stabbing him with a syringe at General Hospital. Sam told Chase exactly what went down, which prompted him to arrest Alexis.

The General Hospital sneak peek for Tuesday shares that Dante will regain consciousness. It wasn't initially clear whether he'd survive the lidocaine overdose, but now it seems he'll recover. However, he'll apparently be rather confused about how he ended up in a GH bed.

The preview showed Sam talking to someone, noting that something wouldn't necessarily be easy. It appears that she'll be in a General Hospital room, and it sounds as if it'll be Dante she's visiting.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Sam will feel that she owes Dante. Perhaps she feels partially responsible for Alexis' drunken decision to attack him, and she apparently will have an idea regarding how she can make it up to him.

Kelly Monaco plays Sam on 'General Hospital'
ABC | Craig Sjodin

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sam and Dante will lean on one another as they try to work through their individual issues. At the moment, there is nothing romantic involved here. However, there are some signs that might change soon.

Next week, Sam and Dante will make a connection of some kind. Even if a romance is on the horizon, it'll surely be developed quite slowly. However, there are plenty of "Sante" fans curious to see where this could head.

"I just want more San/Dante," one fan noted on Twitter.

"#Sante tomorrow. Interested in this. I think he will get Alexis into rehab instead of pressing charges for the whole needle to the chest incident lol," another view tweeted.

As this connection builds, Alexis will be hoping for help from Martin. Normally, she'd utilize Diane for her legal woes. That's not an option this time, so Valentin has Martin stepping up to help.

Alexis and Martin will meet during Tuesday's show. In addition, General Hospital teasers indicate that she'll also get some advice from Jordan.

Is a sizzling-hot Sante pairing on the horizon or are Dante and Sam destined to reunite with Lulu and Jason? General Hospital spoilers signal that this will be a pair to keep an eye on and viewers are quite curious to see where this heads.