Vinny Guadagnino Asks Maria Elizondo ‘Want To Get Married’ After ‘Double Shot At Love’ Star’s Latest Sassy Pic

Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino asked former flame Maria Elizondo if she wanted to get married after the 24-year-old uploaded a new photo to Instagram where she modeled a white lace bustier and low-slung patterned pants.

Vinny’s remark generated over 8,000 likes from fans of the on-again, off-again couple who made a deep connection on the MTV series Double Shot at Love. There was no direct response from Maria regarding Vinny’s query in the comments section.

Maria’s followers encouraged Vinny to make a more permanent commitment to the New Jersey native.

“Vinny, I think you may have missed your shot,” remarked one fan of the show who felt Vinny should have committed to Maria earlier in their relationship.

“For real what r u waiting for? U better snatch this woman b4 someone else does,” a second follower warned.

“Come on y’all are perfect together quit playing Vin,” penned a third user.

“Please, this is what the people want. We love the two of you together. You are so awkward and perfect with one another,” a fourth viewer of Double Shot at Love added.

Although Vinny and Maria were physically attracted to one another, their relationship appeared to stall, despite a deep connection and similar sense of humor.

At the close of the second season of the series, Vinny and Maria chose to go their separate ways and wait to see how their relationship would unfold away from MTV’s ever-present cameras.

In the snap that generated a marriage proposal from her former beau, Maria posed wearing a white lace bustier and patterned pants.

The undergarment was a bra-style top. Crisscross straps added visual interest to the snug-fitting top and formed triangular shapes across the upper part of her breasts. Lace panels extended from between her breasts, starting directly underneath them and wrapping around her body. The semi-sheer material stretched downward toward the midpoint of her rib cage.

Maria wore a pair of low-slung patterned pants that clung to her round bottom. They had a color palette of brown, eggshell blue and black, which provided a stark contrast to the white top.

She used her left hand to brace herself against a wall. Behind her, a mirror allowed fans to see the back of her hairstyle — a half-up, half-down creation. Several long pieces were left loose in the front to frame her face. The remainder of Maria’s dark-colored tresses fell down her back and were styled in loose curls.