Kate Beckinsale Shares A Sweet Throwback For Daughter Lily Sheen's 22nd Birthday

Ava Bennet

Actress Kate Beckinsale surprised her 4.6 million Instagram followers with her latest update, a sweet throwback snap that she shared in honor of her daughter Lily Sheen's 22nd birthday.

The picture was a black-and-white share that showed Kate in her 20s, when her child was just a baby. She stood in front of a wall with a radiator visible to her left and a piece of art mounted nearby. She rocked a black sweater with a cozy oversized fit, and her brunette locks were pulled back in a bun.

Kate held her daughter in her arms, and Lily was all bundled up in a pair of striped pants with cuffs on the ankles, booties, and a hooded sweatshirt or robe of some sort. The hood was pulled up over her head, and she had one tiny fist near her face as she yawned at the moment the picture was taken.

Kate kept a firm hold on her baby girl, and her gaze was fixed on something in the distance. Her naturally stunning features were on full display in the sweet throwback.

Kate's audience absolutely loved the sweet share documenting the moment between mother and daughter, and the post received over 125,600 likes within 10 hours of going live, including a like from fellow actress Jameela Jamil. The post also racked up 925 comments from Kate's fans in the same time span.

"What!? Your child is 22?????? No way!" one fan wrote, unable to believe Lily's age.

"Kate has some superhuman decelerated aging genetics. I think she really is part vampire," another follower chimed in.

"You have not changed you are so beautiful," a third fan remarked, followed by two flame emoji, captivated by the actress's ageless beauty.

"Look at that gloriously squishy Bebe! Happy Birthday to her and well done mama!" another follower commented.

A few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, Kate delighted her audience with a short video clip in which she rocked a pair of skintight leggings, and oversized white sweater, and a backpack in which she carried her cat. Her brunette locks were pulled up in a messy bun atop her head and, despite being indoors, she wore a pair of sunglasses, looking glamorous and gorgeous.